Indonesia Church Bombing: VIDEO Shows 2 Women Suspiciously Crossing Road Before Blast

At least 10 worshippers were wounded in an explosion outside a Catholic church in the Indonesian city of Makassar on Sunday, March 28. While it is unclear who was behind the attack, a video on Twitter shows two women suspiciously crossing the road a few seconds before the massive explosion. So far, no group has claimed responsibility, according to the police. Initial reports suggest that it is a suicide bombing.

Police officials said that there were body parts scattered at the explosion site and that it was unclear whether those were only from the suicide bomber. Police said that a suicide bomber detonated the device while people were leaving the church after attending a service for Palm Sunday, the first day of Easter.

Meanwhile, two women were spotted with suspicious activities in a video shared on Twitter. Both the women, who were fully covered from head to toe and carrying backpacks, can be seen quickly moving across the road just seconds before the bombing took place. Three to four people were walking out of the church's side entrance when the deadly incident got captured in a video through the security cameras. Fire, smoke and debris including parts of cars being blown into the middle of the road can be spotted in the video.

Father Wilhemus Tulak, who is a priest at the church, told the media that security guards had tackled the suspected bomber.

Meanwhile, people in the area took to social media to condemn yet another church bombing in Indonesia. "This really breaks my heart cause this doesn't only violate all human decency but is cruel and inhuman. please stop," wrote a Twitter user.

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Indonesia Church Blast

Another wrote, "A suspected suicide bomber exploded at the gate of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Makassar at 10.28 local time this morning while Palm Sunday mass was in session. No other casualties have been reported. Let's hope the mother****er died alone."

Indonesia Church Bombing
Indonesia Church Bombing

Moreover, reports reveal that blast didn't take place at the church's main entrance. Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto said that if the explosion had happened at the main entrance, there would have been far more casualties. The Head of the Indonesian Council of Churches condemned the bomb attack on people celebrating Palm Sunday and said that it was a "cruel incident".

Church blast

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