India's Ruling Party Asks Film Superstars to Sever Ties With Kashmir Separatists and ISI

A series of pictures surfaced online, showing some Bollywood A-listers with alleged agents of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.

The ruling party of India, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has asked the members of the Indian film industry to sever their ties with the Pakistani spy agency. The move comes after a series of pictures surfaced online, showing some Bollywood A-listers with alleged agents of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the Pakistani spy agency.

Earlier, several political parties had objected to the Pakistani artistes being given employment in the Indian film industry. In the past several Pakistani artistes had also been barred from participating in events being conducted on Indian soil.

shahrukh khan
Bollywood Superstar Shahruk Khan (centre) pictures with ISI-backed Kashmiri separatist Tony Ashai (right) Twitter

'Shahrukh, Gauri Have Business Links With Tony Ashai'

In a tweet posted on micro-blogging site Twitter, Srinagar-based activist Al Iskandar @TheSkander posted pictures of Bollywood's superstar Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan with Kashmiri separatist Tony Ashai.

According to the user, Ashai, who is also known as Aziz Ashai, is a member of the separatist group Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), which is sponsored by Pakistani spy agency ISI.

"Tony Ashai, aka Aziz Ashai, a JKLF member who has designed SRK's Dubai buildings & Los Angeles Apartments. Ever since 2014, he has been trying to mask his love for Ashai because he knows that if this Genie is out of the box, it would do irreversible damage to his reputation. SRK has used Ashai for a lot of his architecture brains. Moreover, @gaurikhan has also been involved with Ashai in a lot of her projects," he wrote in a series of tweets.

Taking note of the tweet, BJP Vice-President Baijayant Panda asked the Bollywood stars to renounce their ties with ISI agents. "Came across shocking threads documenting personal & business links of some Bollywood personalities with certain Pakistanis & NRIs with undeniable track record encouraging violence in J&K, who have verifiable links to ISI & Pak army. I urge patriotic Bollywoodies to renounce them," he said in his tweet.

Which Bollywood Stars Are Pictured with 'Pak Spies'?

Soon after Panda's tweet went viral, a lot of users started sharing images of other Bollywood celebrities having close ties with alleged Pakistani spies.

One such person was identified as Aneel Mussarat, a British-born Pakistani businessman and a real estate baron, who reportedly shares close ties with Pakistan PM Imran Khan, Pakistani Army Chief General Bajwa and Director of the Inter-Services Public Relations Asif Ghafoor, reported OPIndia.

"@iamsrk we need clarification on #TonyAshai links. #BollywoodPakLink has descended to a dirty level where #MoneyHeist is everything for them. They will sell #India for their ambitions.Real heros are from #IndianArmy not greedy people like you. If you have a spine then speak-up!" tweeted a user.

"These Bollywoodians with links to any kind of Zzihad should be punished... Their first punishment starts with Us...Coz we were fooled as audience... Boycott them completely.... Even the production houses...," wrote another.