Indiana Man Catches Girlfriend Having Sex with Couple She Met on Dating App, Shot Dead by Cops After Killing Man, Raping Woman

The suspect's wife invited the couple over for a threesome after meeting them on a dating app on Tuesday night.

Two men were killed and one woman was allegedly assaulted and hospitalized after a threesome in Evansville, Indiana, took an ugly turn on Tuesday evening.

Heidi Carter, 36, invited a woman and her boyfriend over to her house for a threesome on Tuesday after meeting them on a dating app.

Carter's Boyfriend Strangled the Man to Death, Repeatedly Raped the Woman

Heidi Carter and Carey Hammond
Heidi Carter and Carey Hammond Twitter

According to the arrest affidavit from the Evansville Police Department, Carter and her two guests allegedly started drinking, taking drugs and engaging in sexual activity when Carter's boyfriend, Carey Hammond, arrived home.

Hammond, apparently unaware of his girlfriend's threesome, allegedly caught them having sex and attacked both the man and woman with a baseball bat in a fit of rage. Hammond then allegedly shackled both victims and repeatedly raped the woman throughout the day.

Carter allegedly brandished a gun, threatened to kill the victims and bragged that she knew someone who could get rid of a dead body, reported Evansville Courier and Press.While Carter was away from home, Hammond allegedly grew angry because the male victim was trying to free himself, and he strangled the man to death with his belt, the affidavit alleged. When Carter returned, she allegedly helped Hammond move the body to another room and hide it under some bedding.

Hammond Shot Dead by Police in Suspected Suicide, Carter Charged

Authorities said Carter apparently invited another woman over to help her clean the house before a landlord inspection and upon arrival, the woman noticed Carter had blood on her boots and was holding a handgun. She also said she heard loud noises coming from the bedroom and "a female asking for help and begging to use the restroom," the affidavit read.

The woman "then went to sit down on what she thought was a pile of pillows and blankets" and discovered that "the blankets was a dead body," the affidavit reportedly states. Despite Hammond refusing to let the woman leave at first, she managed to flee and flag down an Indiana State Police trooper, the Courier & Press reported.

When the police arrived on the scene, Hammond emerged from the house holding what officers thought was a firearm and was eventually shot and killed by officers. During a press conference on Wednesday, Evansville Police Department spokesperson Sgt Anna Gray revealed that the object in the suspect's hand was, in fact, a piece of metal or plastic shaped to look like a gun. Gray said police believe the suspect extended the object like a firearm so that police would shoot him.

The woman was discovered shackled and injured at the same address in a room and taken to a hospital for treatment. Carter was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail on Wednesday on counts of murder, rape, confinement, abuse of a corpse, assisting a criminal, and carrying a handgun without a license.