Indian Woman Punches Husband to Death for Not Buying Her Expensive Gifts on Anniversary, Taking Her on Dubai Holiday for Her Birthday

Renuka Jakhar Khanna and Nikhil Khanna
Renuka Jakhar Khanna and Nikhil Khanna on their wedding day (left) and on vacation. Facebook

A shocking incident claimed the life of a 36-year-old man who was beaten to death whenhe refused to take her to Dubai for her birthday celebrations. The instance took place on Nov. 24 afternoon in Pune's upscale Ganga Satellite Housing Society.

The victim, identified as Nikhil Khanna, was a business man in the construction industry and had a love marriage with Renuka Jakhar Khanna (36 to 38 years old) six years ago, as reported by OP India.

Renuka Assaulted Nikhil Following Argument Over Birthday, Anniversary Celebrations

According to the police, Renuka wanted to celebrated her birthday on Sept. 18 in Dubai, but her husband refused to fulfil her wish.

Then again, on their wedding anniversary on Nov. 5, she was upset with the celebrations and the fact that she was not given any expensive gifts and had an argument with Nikhil over it.

Moreover, she wanted to attend her niece's (brother's daughter's) birthday celebrations in Delhi in December, but Nikhil didn't give a favourable response, angering her further.

Renuka Punched Nikhil in the Face, Broke His Jaw

Renuka Jakhar Khanna and Nikhil Khanna
Renuka Jakhar Khanna and Nikhil Khanna. Facebook

The altercation escalated on Friday, Nov. 24, and it became physical. During the fight at around 1.30 pm, Renuka punched her husband in the nose and face, causing him to start bleeding profusely from the nose and mouth.

The impact of the punch was so hard that Nikhil's jaw broke, some teeth fell out and he fell to the ground due to the force of the impact. He also lost his consciousness. She attempted to rouse him from his unconscious state in a panic, but could not. The couple lived with Nikhil's parents but they were not home at the time.

He was taken to the Sassoon Hospital after the incident and died there while receiving medical attention. The cops have taken the accused woman into custody.

She then called her father-in-law and he rushed home. He dialled for help, took his son to the hospital and reported the event to the police. The woman has been apprehended by the police pending further inquiry after they filed a complaint against her under Indian Penal Code Section 302 (punishment for murder).

Police Suspect Renuka Might Have Struck Nikhil with a Blunt Object, They Often Quarreled Due to Renuka's Behavior

Police suspect that Renuka might have attacked Nikhil with a blunt object and have been intoxicated. "We suspect that Renuka was under the influence of alcohol. It could be a hard punch or an assault by a blunt object. The blood may have accumulated in the air channel and blocked breathing. We are investigating the matter," informed Sanjay Patange, senior police inspector at Wanwadi police station. He added that they were awaiting the post-mortem report.

Renuka Jakhar Khanna and Nikhil Khanna
Renuka Jakhar Khanna and Nikhil Khanna. Facebook

Nikhil's father, Pushpraj Khanna said in his complaint that his son married Renuka in November 2017. It was a love marriage but the couple used to quarrel often which started soon after the marriage.

"We used to counsel them but Renuka's behaviour did not change. She used to fight with the domestic workers as well which had made it difficult for us to retain any house help," Dr Pushpraj said in his complaint. He added that they had a physical fight on the day of the anniversary on 5th November too.

"They marked their wedding anniversary on November 5 but she was unhappy as Nikhil did not give her a gift to her liking. She had assaulted him at that time as well. We had managed to pacify them," Pushpraj said in the complaint. According to the victim's father, the matter reached a peak over the woman's plan to go to Delhi to attend her niece's birthday. "She was angry that Nikhil was not confirming the travel plans nor arranging her flight tickets. This was leading to fights between them," he added in the complaint.

Dr Pushpraj said that on Friday he got a call from Renuka asking him to rush home because she had a fight with Nikhil. "I rushed home and when I was parking, I received another call from Renuka where she told me: It's very urgent, Papa. Come quickly!'...When I entered the room, I saw that my son was lying on the floor naked and blood was coming out from his nose and mouth," Pushpraj said in his police statement.

Dr Pushpraj said he removed the blood clots from Nikhil's mouth and tried giving him CPR. However, as he was not getting a response, he took Nikhil to the hospital with the help of security guards, but his son was declared dead.