Indian Woman Kills Husband with Electrocution, Then Tries to Make it Look Like Accident, Claiming He Died While Setting Up Diwali Lights

Gopal Kumar and Ranjita Devi
Gopal Kumar and Ranjita Devi Twitter

Police in the Indian city of Ludhiana have arrested a woman and her boyfriend for allegedly killing her husband at their house on the eve of Diwali.

The woman told investigators that her husband had died due to an accident and suffered an electrocution while setting up decorative lights on the occasion of Diwali.

Police Became Suspicious as Decorative Lights Don't Carry Enough Voltage to Cause Electrocution

As reported by Hindustan Times, Tibba police station house officer (SHO), said they recovered information about a factory worker being electrocuted at his home. On being informed, the teams reached the spot and initiated an investigation.

However, police found the explanation suspicious as decorative lights typically do not carry enough voltage to cause electrocution.A subsequent search of the house uncovered a peeled wire, raising suspicions about the nature of Vinod's death.

The Tibba police arrested the accused Ranjita Devi, 35, who shared three children with the victim, Vinod Ram, 38. Police also arrested her boyfriend Gopal Kumar, 27, on Wednesday, and booked them both for murder.

Autopsy Confirmed Wires Were Wound Around Vinod's Fingers to Electrocute Him

The body was sent for an autopsy and the results confirmed death by electrocution, but also identified injury marks, specifically around Vinod's fingers. The marks were consistent with wires being wound around his fingers to electrocute him intentionally.

During the questioning, Ranjita confessed to the crime. "Ranjita was having an affair with Gopal, which Vinod uncovered six months ago. Vinod and his family relocated to Bhoda Colony, Jagirpur, where they built their own house and he prohibited Ranjita from seeing Gopal, prompting the latter to conspire with her to kill Vinod," the SHO added.

The accused had deliberately sent her children to their grandparents' house prior to Diwali, having planned to murder Vinod during the festival to make the death look accidental.

The SHO said Gopal visited their home on Diwali night. There, he and Ranjita administered electric shocks to Vinod until he died.