Indian Man Kills Neighbor's Child as 'Human Sacrifice' to Prevent Wife from Suffering Another Miscarriage

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Black Magic holyman Shiva Nath Aghur holds a human skull, while performing prayers at a temple in memory of the Hindu Goddess Kamakhya in Guwahati, in the eastern Indian state of Assam June 25, 2002. The holyman and many others have descended for a religious festival at the temple, which is believed to be the highest seat of "Tantra" or black magic. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah

A man allegedly sacrificed his neighbour's child in a bid to ensure that his wife doesn't miscarry their baby this time. The shocking incident took place in a small town named Tiljala in the Indian state of Kolkata.

On Sunday night, the suspect, identified as Alok Kumar, brutally attacked and killed a 7-year-old girl after being instructed to do so by an occultist, as reported by OP India.

Couple Told to 'Appears the Gods' with Human Sacrifice

According to the authorities, the accused was asked to sacrifice a child in order to guarantee that his wife would give birth to a healthy child.

According to sources, the man and his wife had been trying to conceive for a while and had suffered a miscarriage in the past. They consulted an occultist or spiritual healer, but nothing seemed to work. It was then that the occultist suggested the unthinkable – to sacrifice a child in order to appease the gods and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Girl Abducted, Killed by Kumar Before Being Stuffed in Suitcase

The man allegedly acted on the advice of the occultist and abducted his neighbour's 7-year-old daughter. "The man originally hails from Bihar. The Tantrik is also based out of Bihar and a team of our officials will on Monday leave for Bihar to track and arrest him," said a senior official of the city police.

According to the girl's parents, she was sent to dump the garbage at the nearby garbage- bin on Sunday morning and since then she went missing. A CCTV camera installed in the neighbourhood showed the girl entering a building next door, but despite viewing the footage, the police were unable to locate her.

After hours of searching, the police found the child's body in the same building inside a locked house. The girl's body was found stuffed inside a suitcase. To ascertain whether or not the youngster had been sexually tormented, the body was sent for post-mortem examination. The man has been arrested and he has confessed to his crime. He will be charged under the relevant sections of law.