Indian Man Dons Girlfriend's Disguise to Give Exam on Her Behalf, Arrested After Failing Biometrics

Angrez Singh
Angrez Singh's fake Voter ID card (left) and the man himself. Twitter

A young man's attempt to outsmart officials by impersonating his girlfriend ended up being a comedic spectacle at an examination centre in Punjab's Faridkot.

On Jan 7, Angrez Singh, 25, dressed up as a woman and pretended he was his girlfriend, Paramjit Kaur, to attend a recruitment examination on her behalf, Indian media reported on Jan 15.

Singh Presented a Fake Aadhar Card, Voted Id but Failed Biometric Verification

The exam was being conducted by the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences at DAV Public School in Kotkapura. Singh, from Fazilka, donned the disguise of his girlfriend, Paramjit Kaur, decked out in red bangles, a bindi, lipstick, and a ladies' suit.

The first hour of the examination went smoothly for Singh. However, university officials quickly caught wind of the charade after they grew suspicious about his attire.

According to the police, Angrez Singh went all out in his effort, utilising fake voter and Aadhar cards to prove he was Paramjit Kaur. The plan seemed foolproof until the fateful moment when his fingerprints failed to match those of the genuine candidate on the biometric device.

Singh Arrested, Girlfriend's Application Invalidated

University officials then filed a complaint with the police and Singh was arrested. "Angrez Singh was impersonating a female candidate identified as Paramjit Kaur," the university department's vice-chancellor Dr Rajeev Sud told Indian media. "He has been arrested and the candidature of the real candidate (has) also (been) invalidated," he added.

The police said they are investigating the case and will take appropriate action. The authorities are also probing whether Singh was part of a larger network. He used fake documents, which suggests he was not acting alone and had professional help, they said.