India: Chilling Details Emerge after Initial Investigation of Kerala Sorcery, Double Murder, Cannibalism Case

A day after the shocking news about a sorcery double murder case emerged, the investigation team released new details about the human sacrifice of two women in Kerala, a southern state in India. According to the state police, the victims were brutally tortured by a couple and a fake godman before murdering them for good luck and prosperity to the couple.

Chilling details of the crime emerged on Wednesday, October 12, as the investigation team hinted at a cannabilism link. After the initial questioning of the defendant, the state police speculated that the defendant might have cooked and eaten the body parts of the victims to preserve his youth. Addressing the media, Kochi City Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju said there is a possibility of cannabilism in this case, but it is not confirmed.

"There's a possibility that the accused ate parts of the body after killing the victims. It is being investigated but not confirmed yet. Prime accused Shafi is a pervert. We're investigating whether there are more accused and if more such cases happened. We have recovered all parts of the bodies of the two women who were killed. Parts of the body of one of the victim women were recovered from three pits where they were buried", the police officer explained.

The accused, massage therapist Bhagaval Singh, his wife Laila, and their agent Mohammed Shafi have been sent to judicial custody until October 26 by the Ernakulam session court. A special team has also been formed to probe the investigation.

Kerala double murder case
[Representation Image] Shocking details have emerged after the initial investigation of the Kerala sorcery and double murder case. Pixabay/Gentle07

Kerala Sorcery Double Murder and Cannibalism

A missing report filed by a relative of one of the victim's family members led to the investigation of this human sacrifice case in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. The victims, who were identified as Roselin and Padmam, were lottery ticket sellers. Roselin went missing in June, while Padmam's disappearance was reported by her daughter in September. Both women were in their 50s, and they were brought to the accused couple's house by a fake godman, Shafi.

The investigation team said the prime accused used Facebook to identify people with financial difficulties. He got in touch with the massage therapist and his wife through this social media platform. The couple was convinced by the fake god that human sacrifice could bring prosperity to them.

"In Kochi, we registered a missing person case of a 52-year-old female lottery ticket seller on September 26. Our probe revealed that she was cheated, abducted, taken to Pathanamthitta dist & done to death there. Further probe revealed that a person called Shafi from Ernakulam cheated her & promised some financial help. Shafi took her to the Pathanamthitta area and offered this lady as a human sacrifice to a couple- a 68-year-old man & his 59-year-old wife. All these 3 people together conducted a human sacrifice ritual & killed this woman. It's a very gruesome murder. They cut this body into pieces & buried it in the backyard of the house. Our further probe revealed that this was not the only case," the City Police Commissioner Nagaraju said.

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'Sexual Perversion and Psychopathic Behaviour'

Meanwhile, the investigation team described the prime accused as a sexual pervert. According to them, there are eight cases registered against him under various offenses besides this human sacrifice case. Previous cases indicate sexual perversion and psychopathic behavior of the accused. So, the team will investigate if any sexual exploitation was done by the prime accused.

"Shafi is a sexual pervert; there were sadistic injuries found on the private parts of these women. In 2020, Shafi raped a 75-yr-old woman and inflicted grievous injuries on her private parts as well. This indicates sexual perversion and psychopathic behavior. There are 8 cases registered against Shafi under various offenses apart from this human sacrifice ritual case", Kochi DCP S Sasidharan, chief investigator of Kerala's human sacrifice case said.