Black magic: 9-year-old Indian boy survives human sacrifice after sorcerers bury him alive

It was believed that the boy was cornered and then in the sacrificial pit before being severely beaten up

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A nine-year-old Indian boy fell prey to witchery but escaped miraculously after he was left unconscious in a ditch by dark magic priests who planned to sacrifice him. The horrific incident was reported from a remote village in the southern state of Karnataka on 19 December. However, the boy survived the incident and has been declared out of danger by doctors.

It was reported that the boy, identified as Rajkumar Tuppasamudra, was missing since 17 December. His parents went to search for him at night after they failed to see him since he returned from the village's government-run school in the afternoon.

On the morning of 18 December, some villagers who went to relieve themselves in the village outbacks were startled by a child's screams. They rescued the semiconscious boy from a pit covered with stone slabs, reported The Times of India. His hands and legs were also tied.

Rajkumar's parents rushed him to a primary health centre of the village from where he was shifted to a private hospital at Miraj, Maharashtra.

The news media also reported that it was believed the black magic practitioners cornered the boy and beat him up. He was then thrown into the sacrificial pit and was left there for dead. Police have launched a probe into the matter.