India: Bengaluru techie missing for almost a week, police still clueless

Bangalore Police

A 30-year-old software engineer from Patna has been missing in Bengaluru for the last one week and police has been unable to find a trace yet.

Kumar Ajitabh, a British Telecom employee, had posted an ad for his car on the online marketplace OLX and was to meet the prospective buyers.

Ajitabh was residing in an apartment in Whitefield along with his friend since six years. He had posted the ad for his car as he wanted money to join some professional course.

But it's been almost one week since Ajitabh went missing under mysterious circumstances and Bengaluru police is still looking for leads.

"We have checked all CCTV footage from around the locality and toll booths across the city. Now we are going to Chennai to speak to OLX as they don't have an office in Benguluru," Whitefield police cop Naggapa told IB Times over the phone.

Ajitabh's phone has remained switched off since December 18. His roommates told police Ajitabh had put up his car for sale on online marketplace OLX on Monday and had left home after he got a call from an unknown person wishing to meet him regarding the car.

Ajitabh's parents have been informed, and police said they have already procured his calls record data.