The Impossible Heir Spoilers: Cast Member Lee Jae Wook Spills About Han Tae Oh

The Impossible Heir cast member Lee Jae Wook has spilled about his character Han Tae Oh in the new K-drama. According to the actor, it is a persistent character who will chase a problem to the end and solve it after deciding on a goal. Tae is a person with cold rationality and an exceptional brain. He runs away from the world and teams up with Kang In Ha, trying to escape his difficulties.

The mini-series premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday (February 28) at 5 pm KST. It will feature Jae Wook as the son of a murderer. Jin Young will appear as Kang In Ha, the illegitimate son of a chaebol chairman. Su Zu will portray Na Hye Won, who is burdened by debt because of her father who is a gambler. The drama will feature the trip working together to take over the largest conglomerate in South Korea.

The Walt Disney Company Korea developed the drama, and screenwriter Choi Won wrote the script. Min Yeon Hong directed the mini-series. People in Korea and other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and the UK, can watch the mini-series on Disney+.

The Impossible Heir
The Impossible Heir poster. Instagram/Hong Su Zu

Lee Jae Wook Spills About Han Tae Oh

The actor said he put effort into portraying Tae Oh and showcasing his inner feelings. He asked the viewers to closely watch the calm and persistent sides of him in the new drama. The cast member said he tried to make changes in his acting style to hide the expressions of the character.

"He's a persistent character who has to chase a problem to the end and solve it once he decides on a goal. As a figure who is good at maintaining a poker face, he doesn't show his claws when solving problems. I put a lot of changes into acting to hide the expressive parts and showcase [the character's] inner feelings thoroughly. Through The Impossible Heir, I think I can show some thorough and calm as well as persistent sides of me," the actor said.

The Impossible Heir
The Impossible Heir poster Instagram/Hong Su Zu

Director Min Yeon Hong praised Jae Wook for showcasing his charms to the fullest in the mini-series. Min Yeon said Jae Wook acted as Tae Oh, he maintained a poker face to hide the character's expression. The director asked the viewers to watch the character closely to relate to and feel his charm.

"While watching Lee Jae Wook's career, the way he portrayed diverse characters with depth left an impression. At the same time, I like that he is an actor who showcases his charms to the fullest. I believe if Lee Jae Wook acts as Han Tae Oh, who is always serious and maintains a poker face to not easily show his feelings, I think viewers can relate and feel his charm," the director shared.