'I'm A Trump Guy': Drunk Man Goes on Homophobic, Racist Rant Over Biden Signs In New York City

The man in the video proclaimed that he was 'Trump guy' and did not 'believe in Biden'

A video of a drunk man harassing people in New York City over a lawn sign supporting President-elect Joe Biden has gone viral on social media. The man in the video proclaimed that he was "Trump guy" and did not "believe in Biden."

A caption for the video posted on Twitter said that the incident happened in Brooklyn when the man and his two friends pulled up the Biden law sign and banged the rood of a car. The person recording the video called the police. All three men in the video wore a kippah, a traditional head cover worn by Jews.

"Let the cops come. I want to be arrested for this shit," the man said. "I'm ready. Lock me up! ... I'm a Trump guy, and I don't believe in Biden. Throw this shit out. Get a life, you faggots."

Trump supporter

The man targeted homosexuals and black people in his rants. His friends joined him as he said: "Where are you living? In this sick world? You gonna fight for God? Go accept them. Why don't you bring the gay people into your house."

The drunk man then turned his attention to Black people across the street and called them "nebach" — Yiddish word for a loser or an unfortunate person. He told the people that they would "suffer miserably" and they "should move out."

The man appeared to identify himself in the video by telling the person recording the incident to call the cops. "Tell them Meyer Fried is a Trump guy," he said, adding that Biden was "scamming the system."

One of the man's friend verbally abused homosexuals. "Say there's two faggots in this house," said the friend, who turned his face away when the camera focused on him.

Shortly after, police officers arrived at the scene and surrounded the man, who continued to shout that Biden wanted to defund the cops — a false claim repeated by President Donald Trump's campaign. "I wanna fund the cops. Yeah, I've been drinking," said the man, whose friends took him away after the police arrived.

In a separate incident, a Trump supporter attacked a man after the latter crashed into his vehicle during a 'Stop the Steal' protest in Santa Maria, California. The incident was filmed and posted online triggering outrage among social media users.