As All Eyes Are on Nevada, Trump Supporter Disrupts Press Meet, Rants 'Biden Stealing Election'

A man, wearing a 'BBQ, beer, freedom' tank top, barged into the news conference in Clark County in Nevada claiming that Joe Biden was 'stealing the election'

An angry supporter of President Donald Trump interrupted a news conference in Clark County, Nevada claiming that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his family were "stealing the election." The incident happened on Wednesday as Joe Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters, held the press conference to update media about the ongoing counting of votes in the county that included Las Vegas.

The man, wearing a 'BBQ, beer, freedom' tank top, barged into the news conference as Gloria answered a question about how many ballots remained to count in Clark County. The man yelled that "Biden crime family" stole the election and demanded freedom.

"The media is covering it up. We won our freedom for the world. Give us our freedom Joe Biden! Joe Biden is covering up this election! He's stealing it," the man said, before walking away.

Gloria resumed the press conference without seemingly being affected by the disruption. The man was not identified and it was unclear if officials apprehended him.

Trump Supporter Nevada

All Eyes On Nevada

On Wednesday and early Thursday, all eyes were on Nevada for election results. Biden flipped Michigan bagging 16 electoral votes and won Wisconsin that has 10 electoral votes bringing his total tally to 264. The Democrat fell short of just six electoral votes to touch the 270-mark to carry the White House.

While Biden led in Nevada — that has six electoral votes — it was not enough to call the state. With the difference of fewer than 8,000 votes between him and Trump at the time of publishing, Biden's lead hung in the balance.

Election officials in Clark County, which is the most populous county in Nevada, said more results will be released on Thursday. These would include mail-in ballots received on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Trump gained crucial battleground state of Florida clinching its 29 electoral votes. His total electoral votes tally remained at 214 and is leading in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. In Georgia, the president is leading with a razor-thin margin.

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