'Illegal in Italy': Angry Fiance Scolds American Woman For Snapping spaghetti in Viral TikTok Video

Italians are very possessive about their food and it has been proved by a TikTok video that has gone viral on the internet lately. When it comes to food, people across the globe generally accept Italians know what they're doing. After all, that's where the delicious pizza and pasta came from.

However, Italians are not just the inventors of delicious cuisines; they are also followers of cooking rules. In the latest viral video, a woman learned it the hard way when she snapped uncooked pasta in the pan in front of her Italian fiance to make it easier to boil.

In the viral footage posted on TikTok by the account Carloandsarah, Sarah, an American, is seen holding the pasta. She asks her fiance, "Is this enough for both of us?" When Carlo says, "Add a little bit more," when suddenly Sarah breaks a chunk of the pasta in half into the pan placed on the stove for it to boil when her Italian fiance hilariously shouts:

Italian Pasta Viral Video
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"Sarah are you crazy? I have to eat this s**t pasta so short?"

Sarah says, "What do you mean?"

"This is not spaghetti my love come on!" Carlo argues while rushing over to look into the frying pan.

Carlo continues to say: "Bit you have to understand me, you can't cut the pasta."

Sarah responds that it didn't fit in the pan when Carlo said, "It Go in the pan? My love. You cut the pasta. You know that this is illegal in Italy."

The viral video with the caption, "did someone say... DRAMA???" is doing rounds on the internet ever since it was uploaded. The hilarious kitchen video posted on June 30 has been viewed more than 20.4 million times and racked up over 3.7 million likes within two days.

Many users shared their thoughts over the kitchen scenario in the comment section of the video also posted on the social media platform, Reddit. One of the users shared a piece of advice on cooking pasta and said, "Just don't put olive oil in the pasta water."

A second user wrote, "Americans don't respect anything! Some even call them "noodles," while a third user dared, "That's nothing, tell an Italian that your favorite pasta is penne lisce and wait what happens," however, I don't think anyone would like to put his hands into the snake pit.

Here's the Viral Video: