iKON set to release new album New Kids: Begin

The album will be available in two versions.

Bling Bling is the title track of iKON's upcoming album YG Entertainment

Korean boy band iKON will be releasing a new album to mark their comeback.

YG Entertainment released a teaser photo of the group on May 16 that read that iKON's comeback will be on May 22.

The group's upcoming album is titled "New Kids: Begin" and agency founder Yang Hyun-suk promised that the new songs in the album will be iKON's "all-time best."

Before this, iKON performed at the 2017 YG x UNICEF Walking Festival in Seoul where they announced their return.

""We've prepared thrilling songs, group dance, and music videos. Check out our new album. It will be out soon," they said, according to the YG blog.

It's been a year since iKON, composed of Bobby, B.I, Chanwoo, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Junhoe, released the single "#WYD" in May 2016.

IKON will be unveiling a new image for the album.

"The concept for iKON's comeback this year is 'New Kids.' It means iKON's 'new beginning' and 'new style', which also shows iKON's resolution and will to release 'New Kids'' series albums continuously during this year." said YG Entertainment.

This strategy is similar to Big Bang's "MADE" album wherein the songs were released monthly before the full album was released in December last year.

A teaser video was uploaded by YG Entertainment on May 17 showing iKON members.

Today, it released a title song in the album, "Bling Bling," which was written, composed and arranged through the collaboration of Bobby, B.I and Millennium. The album will be available in two versions.

IKON has been preparing for their comeback for months. However, Chanwoo was injured during the filming of the group's music video for the new album last March.

In the past year, iKON made their debut in Japan and released their first Japanese song, "Dumb & Dumber" last September.

From October last year to March this year, they held their Japan tour, visiting cities such as Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama. They will hold their Japan Dome Tour on May 20 in Osaka and on June 17 in Saitama.

For their efforts, iKON won the Best New Artist Award and New Artist Award at the 58th Japan Record Awards held last December.