'I lost my mind, I couldn't think of anything' says accused in Gurgaon school boy murder case

A school boy aged 7 at Ryan International school, was murdered and sexual assault was attempted by a bus conductor who finally confessed that he killed the boy.

Ryan school boy murder case
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The murder case of Pradhuyan, a seven year old boy studying in class 2 at Ryan International School at Gurgaon, India who was brutally killed in the bathroom of the school after an alleged attempt of sexual assault, has finally moved further. The accused, Ashok is one of the bus conductors in the school who has confessed that he killed the child by silting his throat twice.

"I lost my mind I couldn't think of anything. I pushed him and tried to sexually assault him and slit his throat out of fear when he started defending himself, screaming and shouting" said the accused when questioned about the incident.

The boy was found lying in the bathroom when the gardener raised an alarm. Ashok also tried to hold the boy's body crying for help for the victim to be rushed to the hospital. "The accused also caused quite a ruckus to divert the attention of the police", said sources.

Police stated that the case got solved after two students of the school told the investigators that they had seen Ashok near the bathroom at the time of the incident.

"The accused was detained along with two other staffers who were questioned. Ashok confessed to his involvement in the crime," said investigating officer Birem Singh. The accused has been working at the school for four months.

Physician Deepak Mathur, who conducted the autopsy clarified, "There were two cuts on the boy's neck. One was superficial but the other was long and deep, cutting almost the entire depth of the neck."

Mathur further said that there were no physical findings of sexual assault and they cannot say whether there was an earlier attempt as there were no fresh indications of it. The police also said that the accused illegally carried the knife in his pocket into the school

Another police officer Simardeep Singh, DCP, stated, "He (the accused) was taking the knife for sharpening but when the child screamed for help, he used it to slit his neck. The kitchen knife used in the crime was found lying next to his body."