I-LAND Trainees, Cast Members Test Negative For COVID-19, Filming Resumed

A cleaning staff of I-Land had tested positive on August 15, stopping the recording of I-Land survival show.

The South Korean reality show Mnet's I-Land had stopped filming amid the news of a cleaning staff testing positive for COVID-19. All the staff in the facility, trainees and cast members were made to undergo COVID-19 tests. The results of the test have been released.

The trainees and cast members have tested negative for COVID-19. The recording has begun after most of the staff were tested negative. However, test result of some of the staff members is still being awaited. The staff awaiting results have been kept away from the set and they have been asked not to enter the set premises if they don't test negative.

I-Land has started filming again after trainees, staff test negative for COVID-19. Instagram

Complete Set Disinfected, Safety Measures Taken

A cleaning staff tested positive for COVID-19 on August 15. Following the news the staff, trainees and the crew was evacuated from the set. The entire premise was disinfected and all safety measures were taken. During this time the filming of the show was halted.

Now, after most of the staff has tested negative the filming has begun and the show will be aired as usual. Recently six contestants from grounders were selected, increasing the current number of trainees to 12 before the second part of the program began.

Out of the 12 only seven will get a chance to debut through the new band. The contestants in the I-Land are Heeseung, Sunghoon, K, Jungwon, Jake, Jay, Ni-ki, Daniel, Sunoo, Geonu, Ta-ki and Hanbin.

South Korea's 113-day Survival Show

I-Land is the survival show of South Korea where contestants have to reside in a complex located in the middle of a luscious green forest for 113 days. The contestants will receive singing and dancing lessons, before seven of the 12 contestants are selected for the new boy band. Contestants will get to spend 113 days in the three-floor complex that includes living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, gym, storage room, terrace, dance studio, individual practice rooms, medical center and bedrooms.

Out of the 22 contestants, 12 have been selected for training while 10 left the show on August 14 after the names of six survivors were announced. The first part of I-Land show started on June 26 and ended on July 31, 2020. The second part that started on August 14 will conclude on September 18, 2020.