I Am So Sorry to My Family: Seoul Mayor Park Won Leaves Apology Note, 'Last Will' Before Death

Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon was accused of sexually harassing his secretary. He went missing on July 9.

Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon was found dead in the wee hours of July 10 near Sukjeongmun Gate on Mount Bukak. Seven hours before his body was found, his daughter had filed a complaint with the police that her father had gone missing.

Park Won Soon was spotted near Sukjeongmun Gate at 12.20 AM (KST) and was immediately shifted to a hospital, but he was declared brought dead by the doctors. The cause of death is not known yet.

Park Won Soon
Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon was found dead on July 10. Instagram

While investigating, the police found an apology note on his desk. "I apologize to everyone. I thank everyone who was with me in my lifetime. I am so sorry to my family, to whom I have only caused pain," read the note. He did not mention any names in his last note. The city government released the note with the permission from his family.

Last Message Looked Like His Will

His daughter had filed a missing complaint at 5.17 p.m. KST on July 9. She said that her father had sent her a message on his phone that looked like his last will. His phone was switched off soon after he sent the message. However, she did not clarify what was written in the last message.

In the missing complaint, his daughter stated: "Four, five hours ago, my father left the house after saying words that sounded like his last will but his phone is off." She said that while leaving the house, Park was reportedly wearing a black hat, a dark jacket, and a black backpack.
It is said that citing health reasons, Park Won Soon had not gone to the office on July 9.

In addition, he had even canceled all his schedules for the day. His last spotting was at 10.50 a.m. on July 9 on a surveillance camera at Waryong Park. This park is near Sukjeongmun Gate where his body was found.

After the missing complaint was filed, at least 700 cops, along with firefighters, were deployed for the search mission. Even K9 units and drones were put into use. The police traced Park Won Soon's phone to Gilsangsa Temple in Seongbuk Gu, where the signal was cut off. This spot is 18 minutes away from where his body was found.

Sexual Harassment Complaint

It can be noted that both SBC and MBC had aired segments on July 9 alleging that Park Won Soon was accused of sexually harassing his former secretary and other females.

The new report on SBS claimed that his former secretary had filed a complaint with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency that the mayor had sexually harassed her. In her complaint she had stated that the mayor was sexually harassing her since 2017, from the time she joined office. According to Koreaboo, she had submitted the personal pictures sent by the mayor to her as evidence. She also claimed that she was not the only victim, but others were scared to speak up against him, reported Koreaboo.

SBS report stated that Park Won Soon was likely to be summoned soon for questioning. However, the Me Too allegations have not proved and any more information on the same is yet to be disclosed.

Warning of Legal Action

Park Won Soon issued a statement through their representative after the mayor's death was confirmed. It said that the family was urging the people to let him go. It requested people to avoid spreading groundless statements.

Speaking in this regard, Moon Mi-ran, former deputy mayor of Park Won Soon spoke against defaming him. She warned of legal action if people continue to defame him without taking truth into consideration