Hyundai donates $4.1 million to Korea Disaster Relief Association for COVID-19 outbreak

Companies like Hyundai, Apple and Alibaba are extending their support to fight the coronavirus outbreak

Hyundai motor group announced that it will donate five billion won (4.1 million$) to Korea Disaster Relief Association (KRDA) for medical equipment, cash relief, and masks due to coronavirus outbreak. Hyundai and KRDA are providing protection services, especially in Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions. According to local news, there has been a total of 368 coronavirus patients hospitalized in Daegu and more than 158 cases registered in Gyeongbuk region.

Jung-sun Jeong, senior vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Group said, "We hope that specific support will be provided to help the medical staffs who are doing their best in difficult environments and prevent medical treatment."

What are they providing?

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The company is going to provide preventive items across the country which will include thermometers, hand sanitizers, masks and grocery kits for underprivileged and economically weaker individuals. Grocery kit will consist of food and beverages to resolve meal problems.

Hyundai Motor group actively participates in relief activities as it also provided support of 15 million yuan (KRW 25.3 billion) to China. The company announced that it will deliver medical goods and grants 15 million yuan to prevent the spread of coronavirus in china and help victims to recover quickly.

The company will provide supplies worth five million yuan. It includes protective clothing, masks, goggles, and personal protective equipment in Wuhan, Hubei, China. Donation of 10 million yuan will be used for medical facilities and human resource support.

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Other Multinationals supporting for COVID-19

In addition, Apple and Alibaba are also donating funds to support treatment for coronavirus in China. China's second-richest man, founder of Alibaba Jack Ma donated 100 million yuan ($14.4 million) to help invent a vaccine for coronavirus. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweet reads: "As people in China and around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year, we send our love and support to the many impacted by the Coronavirus. Apple will be donating to groups on the ground helping support all of those affected."