Coronavirus in China: Video shows how officials arrest suspected COVID-19 victim near traffic toll

  • Total number of Coronavirus-related deaths in China reached 2,715,

  • A video showed Chinese officials stopped a car near traffic toll

  • SWAT officers arrested suspected COVID-19 victim

The total number of Coronavirus-related deaths in China reached 2,715 on Tuesday, February 25, while the number of confirmed cases in China reached 78,064, including 406 new cases. As per the recent updates, globally at least 80,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus.

Meanwhile, a video went viral on social media platform WhatsApp as it showed how Chinese officials detained a Coronavirus suspect near a highway toll. The video showed a police officer asking a driver to stop his car and then another officer checked the driver's temperature by using a digital thermometer.

The video showed SWAT officials along with shield approaching towards the car and talking to the man. The man was asked to surrender as the thermometer recorded a high temperature, which is one of the symptoms of the COVID-19 infection. When the man tried to run away from the site, immediately a siren rang and he had to stop his Volkswagen, while the police vehicle came in front of the vehicle dramatically, blocking the road.

Coronavirus in China
Coronavirus in China Social media

The man becomes furious

The suspected Coronavirus victim got out of the car, while the officials were talking to him and suddenly the suspect removed his mask and spat on the road, showing the latest trend among the victims. Then the SWAT officials, who approached the man from behind, first put a net on his head and then grabbed his hands. After removing the net, another SWAT officer put a black cap on his head which covered his entire face and then moved the suspect from the road.

Another officer, standing with an armed SWAT official ordered his fellow officers in Chinese and immediately one officer ran towards the car and sprayed an anti-infection solution, the other official sprayed it on the officers who came into direct contact with the suspect.

A few seconds later, again an officer was heard to give orders to his fellow officials and another SWAT officer was seen getting into the sanitized car, which was then taken out of the site. The entire episode shows how not a single person can escape the quarantine procedure once identified, and how health officials are at the receiving end.

Coronavirus in China
Coronavirus in China Social media

Security measures in China

Since the video showed a banner, where "Exercise" was written, IBTimes Singapore could not verify immediately whether this was a new exercise introduced by the Chinese government to rein in Coronavirus suspects and minimize the spread of infection in the country.

As the video was captured at the highway near a traffic toll and some camps were set up next to the road along with police vehicles and barricades. Two cars, which came from the same direction as the Volkswagen, were stopped by the on-site officials while the other officials were busy in the probable security exercise.

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