Hyori's Homestay 2 receives record ratings after arrival of its new part-timer Yoona

Hyori Homestay Season 2
Hyori Homestay Season 2 Twitter/JTBC

The first episode of Hyori's Homestay Season 2, which is broadcasted on February 4, received a record rating of 8 percent, the highest for a JTBC entertainment program. According to Neisel Korea, the episode received 8.01 percent rating nationwide that is 2.1 percent higher than the first episode of the previous season.

The arrival of its new part-timer Yoona has a definite role to play in the success. Right from Yoona's costume to the waffle iron (which she bought as a gift to Hyori) is gaining attention from viewers. It has been reported that the items used and worn by the singer-actor have been already sold out on many online shopping sites.

Yoona, often known as the queen of chemistry, debuted as a member of Girl's Generation—one of Kpop's topmost selling girl band. She became a household name in Korea after appearing in numerous television commercials. In 2017, Yoona appeared on the cover of seven magazines—probably the most by any K-pop artist.

In addition, 'Love in the Moonlight' actor Park Bo Gum is expected to join Yoona as a part-timer in the reality show soon. Bo Gum is expected to make a short appearance and has completed his scenes in just three days. Ever since the massive hit of 'Love in the Moonlight,' all eyes are on Bo Gum and his next project. Though the actor has been busy with a slew of advertisements, shows and fan meeting, he is yet to take a final call on his next assignment.

Bo Gum and Yoona's inclusion in the show are likely to hike the ratings further. The program is aired every Sundays at 20.30 (KST).