Ryu Seung-ryong returns after 3-year hiatus with 'Psychokinesis'

Ryu Seung-ryong in ‘Psychokinesis’
Ryu Seung-ryong in ‘Psychokinesis’ Korean Film Council

Korean actor Ryu Seung-ryong has returned to the entertainment industry after being without any work in the last three years.

His last film "Roaring Currents" became a blockbuster but his next two movies tanked at the box office.

His comeback project is the film "Psychokinesis" in which his role is a divorced man who is able to fly.

"Psychokinesis" debuted at No. 1 at the Korean box office when it was released last January 31. As of February 4, the film has sold 847,016 tickets and has earned US$5.86 million, according to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

Ryu Seung-ryong told Ilgan Sports and Korea JoongAng Daily that he didn't feel pressured while starring in the film.

"When I first got the synopsis, not at all. I didn't even think about the Yongsan tragedy [a deadly conflict between protesters and police in 2009 that serves as a critical plot element of 'Psychokinesis'], which is what everyone was talking about after the premiere," he said.

He added, "What I did was just think about the fundamental problem when someone has to fight those with power or wealth, which turned out to suit the story very well. It's what we've all experienced in our lives."

About his three-year hiatus, the actor said, "I lived so busily that I felt anxious about having a break. I just ran forward without thinking. I started in the film industry late in age, and so I kept saying 'I still strive for more,' even when I was running around so much. During my hiatus, I wanted to go back to those days when I could just pour in everything I had and act 24 hours a day."

Ryu Seung-ryong said he feels "excited, nervous, grateful and everything else at the same time" about his comeback.

"I didn't have time to feel all these emotions when I was working so busily. I could just about digest the schedule that was laid out for me, but this is refreshing energy and excitement that I haven't felt in a long time. I feel like I've been filled up with all the physical and mental energy I used up before," he explained.