Is Hwarang doomed? Plot issues, botched romance make 'The Poet Warrior' story unpopular

The plot of Hwarang: The Poet Warrior, which is based on the Silla Kingdom of Korea, is said to be confusing.

Seo Ye-ji as Princess Sukmyeong in 'Hwarang' episode 9. World TV

On-going drama 'Hwarang: The Poet Warrior' isn't doing well among the viewers. The drama, which is based on the story of the Silla Kingdom of Korea, is said to have confused the fans and therefore isn't faring well despite its high potential.

According to the history, Hwarang is a group which is also known as Flowering Knights and they were trained in order to strengthen the Silla kingdom. However, the K-drama is giving an impression to the viewers that Hwarang was formed so as to protect the faceless king, and for uniting the three kingdoms.

Back in March 2016 the filming of the K-drama started. The shooting was completed by September and the drama went on air in December. Hwarang has already aired nine episodes but failed to attract the viewers.

Many of the viewers have voiced the problems with the series. Some felt that the recent episodes were quite mediocre in execution and failed to meet the expectations of the viewers.

The character Ah Ro is one big disappointment for the viewers. The character's obsessive search for her brother is getting tiresome for the viewers and her recent love interests in the series are also making the viewers feel frustrated. And Ah Ro's too much screen time makes it more frustrating.

Above all, it is a complicated story, a factor that exhausts the viewers the most. They are struggling to enjoy the complicated plot and the motives of the lead characters of the series. In addition to it, viewers are also not enjoying the way the love triangle is developing in the story.

After the episode 9 of 'Hwarang: The Poet Warrior', many viewers blatantly confessed that they found the episode to be too boring.

There is no doubt that the K-drama has got a lot of potential, but due to several loopholes it is failing to win over the hearts of the viewers. Well, there is still time and we can hope that things will turn around.

This article was first published on January 19, 2017