Husband Clicks Wife's Sultry Pictures for OnlyFans, Couple Pockets Big Earnings Each Day

Glamour model Kelly Stark's husband has a desk job as an IT manager earning $250,000 a year but his main job now seems like a side gig, as his wife is among the most sought-after figure in the x-rated picture sharing site OnlyFans. After a hard days of work at the office, Kelly's husband picks up the DSLR and clicks raunchy pictures of his wife for strangers who pay premium to lust over her on the website.

Kelly Stark Hot Bikini
Instagram grab / Kelly Stark

While most of her followers pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 to ogle at pictures and videos of her posing naked or in sultry lingerie at home, the others with deep pockets pay an extra $25 per minute for a custom video of her playing with a sex toy while saying the client's name out loud. The couple didn't reveal the exact amount they make a month but hinted they're sitting on a fortune that could last a lifetime.

While a husband clicking raunchy pictures of his wife for strangers to ogle at might cause break-ups and relationship issues, Kelly and her husband seem to be getting stronger with each other from their marriage of 18 years. The shoot can sometimes get so steamy that Kelly said to the NYPost, "We've stopped many times [during shoots] to enjoy each other's company."

When asked her husband how he feels about strangers on the internet watching racy snaps of his wife, he said he feels fortunate to click images of Kelly as she's a head turner and takes everything as a compliment. Her significant other, whose name is withheld due to fear of repercussions from his desk job, walked down memory lane saying how men stared at his wife when they walk down the road or to a mall.

The 51-year-old soulmate said: ''I learned early on that Kelly turns heads wherever we go. Many years ago, our youngest son said to me, 'Hey Dad, did you see the way that guy looked at Mom?' and I explained how, if I got upset every time someone admired Kelly, I would be angry all the time. I've taken the approach that it's a compliment to me."

Kelly, who boasts of around 170,000 followers on Instagram, joined OnlyFans before the pandemic in 2019 and saw her followers grow after the lockdown as she met their demands when they were forced to stay at home.