Black Choir From Meghan-Harry Wedding Defend Prince Charles Amid Racism Allegations

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a dream wedding full of allure and charm in May 2018 and the whole world watched with glee two hearts getting hitched under the banner of royalty. An all black choir 'The Kingdom's Choir' performed hymns at the royal wedding after receiving a personal invitation from Prince Charles and the Choir stole the show with their soulful singing.

Now the Buckingham Palace is accused of racism by Meghan Markle during her sit-down with Oprah as she revealed that her little son Archie was not given the title of a Prince, as the royal family were worried about the color of his skin much before he was even born. However, Ms. Karen Gibson, founder and conductor of The Kingdom's Choir came out in defense of Prince Charles saying they received a personal invitation from him and he even went out of his way to congratulate the group after the nuptials.

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Buckingham Palace/ Instagram

"Charles came off as very sincere in his invitation, and he's gone out of his way to personally congratulate them on their success since the wedding,'' Karen Gibson told TMZ in her defense against racism allegation pinned against Prince Charles and also said she finds it hard to believe that he of all people could be racist, plus the fact that Charles invited the all black Choir certainly makes it seem like he made an effort to make Meghan Markle feel included and special on her wedding day.

We Are Not A Racist Family

The Buckingham Palace went into defense mode right after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat down with Oprah and revealed bombshell allegations against the royal family. Prince William, who is mostly a man of few words, answered a reporter during a question shouting session that they are "very much not a racist family".

When another reporter asked if he spoke to Harry after the interview with Oprah, William revealed he hasn't spoken to him yet and might intend to do so soon. Royal fans latched up to his comments stating what's Prince William even waiting for and underlined his comment saying no communication between the two shows their fractured relationship out in the open.

Royal fans also claim that Prince William has hardly spoken to his brother since he and Meghan moved out of the Buckingham Palace to Canada and are still estranged and the Oprah interview will only take their relationship downhill with no sight of returning to normal.