Hunter Biden Admits 'Big Guy' Joe Biden Email but Claims Father Wasn't Involved in Business Deal as He Says He Was Too High to Recall Certain Events

Hunter also admitted putting his father Joe on speakerphone and inviting him to numerous lunches with business associates and 'friends' over the years.

Hunter Biden during his full testimony before GOP impeachment investigators often blamed his actions on his addiction, indicating that he was too high to remember certain events. At one point, he acknowledged attempting suicide "on a daily basis." Hunter, 54, spent six hours on Capitol Hill on Wednesday answering questions.

He refuted any involvement of his father, Joe Biden, in his foreign business dealings as part of the Republican-led impeachment inquiry. Top Republican James Comer, R-Ky., released the complete transcript of his impactful testimony in less than four hours and the over 200-page document is replete with startling information, which could invite more trouble for both the father and son.

Hunter Talks About the 'Big Guy'

Hinter Biden
Hunter Biden, who has openly admitted to struggling with addiction to crack cocaine in the past Twitter

Hunter claimed that he couldn't recall leaving his infamous laptop at the repair shop, citing being "drunk and high" and struggling with suicidal thoughts throughout much of his business career. He explained that this situation blurred the lines between his personal and official messages to foreign associates, a matter that Republicans have emphasized.

For the first time, Hunter admitted to the email exchange from his former associate James Gilliar discussing "10 held by H for the big guy," outlining proposed shares in a lucrative Chinese deal.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden
Hunter Biden and Joe Biden at the White House Twitter

However, he maintained that his father was not part of the $5 million deal or any of his business endeavors. Hunter also stated that he never referred to Joe as the "big guy."

Hunter also admitted putting his father Joe on speakerphone and inviting him to numerous lunches with business associates and 'friends' over the years.

However, he strongly claimed that Joe was not involved in his questionable dealings with the Chinese, Ukrainians, and others.

Regarding his infamous laptop, Hunter told investigators that he couldn't remember ever dropping it off at a Delaware computer repair shop. He suggested that he would typically take his laptops to the Apple shop for repair.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden Twitter

"I was going to drop off a laptop - I don't ever remember doing that, but if I was going to drop off a laptop, I would have gone to the Apple store, which was 7 minutes from my parents' home there," Hunter told Rep. Matt Gaetz during a line of questioning on Wednesday.

"'Do you recall ever leaving a laptop at a repair shop?'" Gaetz asked. "I do not," he replied.

He also said that he couldn't recall discussing business matters with his father during those calls.

"I'm surprised my dad hasn't called me right now, and if he did, I would put him on speakerphone to say hi to you and to Congressman Raskin and everybody else in the room. It is nothing nefarious literally," Hunter said.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden in a still from a video that went gone viral on social media. Twitter

"My dad calls me like I'm sure a lot of your parents do or a lot of you do with your children, and if I'm with people that are friends of mine, I'll have him say hi."

Invited Joe to Business Lunches but Denies Involvement

He further confessed to inviting his dad to business lunches, saying, 'Would you call it involvement if my dad was in New York City at the same time I was in New York City and I was having lunch with some of my business associates, and I said, 'Hey, dad, come by for lunch'?'

Hunter Biden with prostitute
Hunter Biden filmed with a prostitute Twitter

Hunter also claimed he could not recall introducing his dad to Ye Jianming, the founder of Chinese state-affiliated CEFC, at a meeting at the Four Seasons, as former associate Rob Walker previously testified.

"I do not recall introducing my father to Ye Jianming. But I believe that ‑ that ‑ I don't recall that ‑ any meeting," Hunter said.

"Rob Walker testified that there was a meeting at the Four Seasons with Ye Jianming, your father, and you were present as well, was his testimony," the questioner went on. "You don't recall that?"

Hunter Biden with prostitutes
Hunter Biden, who often photographed and filmed himself with two prostitutes at a time, also had his own profile on PornHub Twitter

"What was the date of that meeting?" Hunter asked, adding "I do not recall the date of the meeting."

He strongly claimed that his business dealings with CEFC were "completely legitimate and 100 percent in line with my experience and abilities."

Hunter emphasized that these transactions occurred when his father was out of office, saying, "It had nothing to do with my father."

Regarding the allegation that his father received a 10 percent share in a CEFC business deal, Hunter looked confused and said he doesn't know 'what the hell' his associate James Gilliar was talking about.

Hunter vehemently denied ever referring to Joe as "the big guy."

However, in a 2017 email to Hunter, his uncle Jim, and other business partners regarding a deal with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC, business partner Gilliar mentioned the 'big guy' receiving a 10 percent stake in the profitable deal.

Another former associate of the first son, U.S. Navy veteran Tony Bobulinski, publicly claimed in October 2020 that the term 'big guy' referred to President Biden.

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

According to top Republican James Comer, Hunter is set to have a public hearing following his six-hour closed-door deposition. The deposition reportedly unveiled 'many discrepancies' regarding Joe's involvement in his son's controversial business dealings.

Comer, R-Ky., who serves as the chair of the House Oversight Committee, is spearheading the investigation into whether Joe Biden used his position and 'brand' to enrich his family in a convoluted $20 million 'influence peddling' scheme.

After Hunter's six-hour deposition, Comer told reporters that it 'validated several aspects of our evidence' and indicated that a public hearing would follow.