Humans should leave earth to survive before an asteroid impact spreads chaos, warns top expert

Even though NASA has not detected any asteroids causing imminent danger, Öpik strongly believes that the chance of a deep impact in the future is 100 percent

asteroid approaching earth
Representational image of asteroid hitting earth causing doomsday Pixabay

Several top experts including popular American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Iain McDonald, a scientist at the Cardiff University's school of earth and sciences, believe that life on the earth will face threat due to an asteroid hit that could happen in the future. Adding up the heat to this theory, Lembit Öpik, the Chairman of Parliament for the space nation Asgardia also claimed that the chance of a possible asteroid impact in the future is 100 percent.

Öpik also added that the only way of survival for humans is to leave the planet. The Asgardia official made these remarks while talking exclusively to

"We do have to protect the Earth and that's because the chances of an impact, as I've said before, are large enough to wipe out the human race and most other forms of life. It's essentially 100 percent. So, we're looking out at the threats, not in at them, and that is a fundamental element in our value system," said Öpik.

As per Öpik, the extinction of human beings will be sure if we decide to stay on the planet without thinking about interplanetary colonization. Even though NASA, the United States space agency is not aware of an imminent asteroid threat from space, Öpik strongly believes that the impact of a large rock in the future is 100 percent.

In order to achieve their ultimate goal, Asgardia is now seeking volunteers and scientists who will help humans to overcome the challenges while living in the space.

A few days back, Dr Egbert Edelbroek, the founder and chief executive of SpaceBorn United had claimed that the first childbirth in space could happen in more than just a decade from now. Egbert Edelbroek made these remarks while talking at the first Space and Science Congress hosted by Asgardia in Germany.

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