Humans Should Learn From Monkeys As They Have Battled Climate Change: Expert

A top expert had recently revealed that humans are killing planet earth, and it could become inhabitable due to factors like climate change

A team of researchers has discovered monkey fossils dating back to 6.4 million years, and they believe that it could be the oldest monkey fossils ever discovered outside of Africa. Researchers who took part in this study discovered three monkey fossils and suggested that these creatures could be the ancestors of many monkeys currently living in East Asia.

Did Monkeys Fight Climate Change?

Nina G. Jablonski, Professor of Anthropology at Penn State University revealed that this discovery is significant, as it will help scientists to know more about how monkeys adapted to changing atmosphere and environment. Researchers revealed that a particular species named Mesopithecus pentelicus traveled huge distances to adapt themselves during times of climate change; all credit goes to their digestive process.

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According to researchers, Mesopithecus pentelicus moved out of eastern Europe during the late Miocene era, a period that witnessed drastic climate change.

"One of the interesting things from the perspective of paleontology is that this monkey occurs at the same place and the same time as ancient apes in Asia. This is an interesting case in primate evolution because it testifies to the value of versatility and adaptability in diverse and changing environments," said Jablonski.

Scientists made this conclusion after analyzing the left calcaneus, or heel bone of these monkeys.

"The significance of the calcaneus is that it reveals the monkey was well adapted for moving nimbly and powerfully both on the ground and in the trees. This locomotor versatility no doubt contributed to the success of the species in dispersing across woodland corridors from Europe to Asia," added Jablonski.

Humans Should Do Something

Several top scientists believe that the existence of humanity will be questioned if we fail to combat the threats posed by climate change. However, it is practically impossible for humans to move from one area to another, as monkeys did 6.4 million years back, and the only way left in front of humans will be planetary colonization. SpaceX founder Elon Musk strongly believes that humans will be able to survive only if we colonize in distant planets like Mars.

A few days back, Piotr Skubała a professor at the University of Silesia's Institute of Biology, Biotechnology, and Environmental Protection, Poland had suggested that humans are killing planet earth. He also added that human civilization can still be preserved if we start acting now to protect planet Earth, the only space body in the solar system that harbors life.