Mass extinction resulting in end of world is guaranteed if humans fail to act, warns top expert

A recent study report had suggested that humans are at the risk of going extinct every upcoming year

Several environmental experts believe that climate change and global warming will make earth inhabitable in the near future, and these man made catastrophes will trigger the end of the world.

Now, Piotr Skubała a professor at the University of Silesia's Institute of Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection, Poland, has revealed that humans are actually killing the planet.

A dire warning from Skubala

Climate Change
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Skubala added that human civilization can still be preserved if we start acting now to protect planet earth. However, she also made it clear that protecting several wildlife species will be impossible considering the current progress.

"Scientists live in hope, so we must believe something can still be done. Given the attitude, I fear it's too late and many species will die out and millions will suffer. If we change our approach, then we will survive as a civilization, but we will have to learn to live differently. But it does not mean live worse. Differently, smarter, directing our attention to other, immaterial spheres of life," said Skubala, reports.

Skubala also predicted that planet earth will soon be going to face a mass extinction event, as we have already passed seven of the markers that are not good for the future of the earth.

Humans to go extinct soon?

A few months back, research conducted by a team of experts at the University of Oxford had revealed that humans have a higher risk of going extinct every year. As per the study report, humans have a one in 14,000 chance of going extinct in the coming years, and this odd is much higher than an individual being attacked by a shark (1 in 6,50,000) or struct by a bolt of lightning (1 in 7,00,000).

Researchers also added that the future extinction of humans will be due to natural causes like asteroid hits or manmade causes like nuclear weapons and climate change.