Huge Fire Breaks Out in Singapore's Gul Drive Warehouse; No Injuries Reported

It took the fire department nearly 2 hours to control the fire and stop it from spreading further.

A massive fire broke out in Singapore's Gul Drive warehouse on Saturday and the entire area was closed by the authorities until the situation was under control.

The Civil Defence Force of Singapore (SCDF) revealed that 13 emergency vehicles and almost 50 firefighters with the Special Rescue Unit were dispatched when the fire department was alerted of the incident at 23 Gul Drive, around 8:25 a.m.

Gul Drive Fire

Upon their arrival at the scene, the firefighters immediately started spraying numerous water and foam jets all over the site so as to prevent the fire from spreading. In a Facebook post, the SCDF mentioned that the fire, measuring 20m by 40m, was associated with waste materials in the warehouse, CNA reported.

It took them nearly 2 hours to contain the fire before they moved into the warehouse and "deployed an Unmanned Firefighting Machine" with five foam jets.

Gul Drive Fire
The unmanned firefighting machine Twitter

As per the SCDF no injuries were reported after the fire was controlled, but there was some heavy damage to the warehouse. Eyewitnesses from the neighboring area claimed that were explosions heard after which black fumes were seen rising from the building.

In order to prevent any 'rekindling' of flames, the fire department continued spraying water on the burned surfaces. According to the Strait Times, the investigations for determining the cause of fire are underway.