How Vince McMahon punished Steve Austin for his criticism on WWE Creative

Vince McMahon is known for his cut-throat decisions. There are many instances in the past where he has made tough calls even it means rubbing the stars the wrong way. Here is yet another instance has come to light where The Boss punished Steve Austin for his criticism on WWE.

The new docuseries on WWE Network on the Ruthless Aggression Era has thrown light at Austin walking out of the company after he was asked to lose a qualifying match for the King of the Ring tournament to Brock Lesnar. The Texas Rattlesnake was against the idea of losing the match in a television match and not the pay-per-view clash.

Austin wanted a better build-up before such a big match. Dave Meltzer, in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, has revealed the reason why Vince McMahon took the decision. According to him, The Boss was punishing the Texas Rattlesnake for his negative comments on the WWE's Creative team.

Steve Austin
Steve Austin. WWE

Vince McMahon was the head of the Creative team and Austin's remarks had not gone well with him. He believed that none had the right to bad mouth the company even the wrestler is a baby face.

As a result, McMahon wanted to punish Austin by ensuring him to lose the match against the Beast Incarnate in a qualifying match. Upset with The Boss' decision, Steve Austin skipped The Raw episode and walked out of the company.

"And Austin was like, 'I'm the top babyface, this makes no sense for business. Brock Lesnar should be running through everyone and then get to me on PPV, not on television' because back in those days, you made your money on PPVs and not on television and Vince's explanation 17 years later is that if he'd beaten him on TV, by the time we'd got to the PPV, no one would have remembered the match anyway," Sportskeeda quotes Meltzer as saying in the show.

He continued, "So that was his explanation as to why. It still doesn't explain why he'd have Brock Lesnar beat Steve Austin on television before the PPV match takes place, months before the PPV match should have taken place, or the very first time they should have been meeting in the first place, but anyway, not a good memory thing."

Jim Ross' attempt to convince Steve Austin to talk to Vince McMahon to solve the issue fell on deaf ears as the Rattlesnake walked out in anger.

Later, Steve Austin stated that leaving the company was the "dumb" decision taken by him.