How tears in mother's eyes sow seeds of his future to WWE icon Dwayne Rock Johnson? An inspiring story

The say painful experience are the ones that often sow the seeds of deep desire of achieveing big things in life. It is true in case of WWE champion and actor The Rock, whose original name is Dwayne Johnson as he has revealed an incident that occurred in his life, recently.

In an interview with Oprah, The Rock has said that he lived in an efficiency apartment at the age of 14 years in Hawaii and they used to pay $180 a week. They had received the final notice after failing to pay the rent. His mother was into tears upon seeing, something which he could not forget it in his life. In fact, the incident sow the seeds of his future.

The Rock
The Rock. WWE

"About six months later, I told myself, I never wanted to be in that position again. What can I do? And this was at 14," WWE Inc quoted him as saying in the interview. So, he decided to work on his hands and body so that they do not land in such situation again in their lives. "So, at 14-years-old, I thought well, the heroes in my life Muhammad Ali, for example, professional wrestlers, they're all men who worked hard with their hands and their bodies. So, I decided that is what I'm going to do. I'm going to do what my dad taught me to do and build my body, so we're never evicted again," the 47-year old claimed.

Thereafter, The People's Champion started working his goals and entered WWE. Soon he also made his debut in movies. The Rock became a star onenight. "At one time, when I was a kid, I did feel in my heart and in my gut, that the world was going to hear from me. I didn't know how, but I do feel that way. I never thought in my mind that this level of success or fame was going to happen," The Brahma Bull added.

With success comes money and often we see people becoming careless about it. The Rock too narrated a story that changed the way he spends money. When he was 14, he dreamt of buying a Rolex watch and bought it once he was able to afford it, but suffered a heartbreak.

"At that time, I was wrestling, and I wore it in the ring; not for a match. I was doing an interview in the ring, and a melee broke out. It always happens in the wild world of professional wrestling. One of the wrestlers fell on the Rolex, it came off and broke. You see me on live TV with a look on my face like 'Oh, my gosh, my Rolex.' I'm supposed to be in the moment, wrestling these others guys, but all I could think about was my Rolex. I finally get my Rolex back, and I'm backstage, and I look it at - I'm heartbroken. I remember going back home that night and thinking that this was a sign. I don't need it and I'm never getting something like that again," the Rock continues.

Today, The Rock do not splurge on fancy items, rather he spend every penny, wisely.