How the real estate market in Singapore is growing during COVID-19

 Liv @ MB

Singapore has always had an extremely competitive market in the real estate industry. Homes are snapped up as they are listed, regardless of their price or location. Being a developed country with highly efficient transportation and places of interest, Singapore continues to be one of the top countries to live in. With an exponentially growing population, the trend of competitive real estate isn't going to decline anytime soon, even during the pandemic crisis. While there have been dips in office spaces, the value for homes have continued to soar.

Home-buyers are looking for self-contained neighborhoods

With COVID-19 as a permanent fixture in our lives, homebuyers are much more keen on purchasing homes that have everything they could possibly need around them. Liv @ MB Condo is one such example, situated within walking distance to early education as well as being a stone's throw away from Katong Park MRT Station.

Rich facilities: Everything under one roof

Aside from having an accessible neighbourhood with everything from parks to playshools, Liv @ MB also has in-house entertainment. You will have access to swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, and lounges for evenings out with friends or family. For what it is, the Liv @ MB price is extremely reasonable. You get an impressive view and environment in a super accessible location.

Accessibility and locale still a priority for investment purposes

Liv at MB price sits comfortably at a constant, which makes it a wonderful investment for those who are looking to turn a profit in 2021 on real estate. Located right in the heart of Singapore, with bustling Clark Quay street only 12 minutes away by car.

Low interest rates coupled with crisis buying fuelled private home markets

In one report, the housing market was up 3.3%, which is an industry record in the last three years. With the economy at an all time low, those with the means have taken advantage of the low interest rates on housing loans to buy their first home or investment home. According to one couple who have been house-hunting for the past two years, "houses were being snapped up left and right" as they were waiting for a dip in the market prices which never occurred.

Real estate investing in Singapore is a safe investment, even with the close eye that Singaporean officials are keeping on the market in order to make sure that housing remains affordable for their citizens. Paired with this security, homebuyers and investors are jumping at the opportunity of buying homes with low interest rates now so they can sit back and wait for their properties to appreciate when the pandemic is under control.

Another potential homebuyer has mentioned that property value continues to grow, and "extra stamp duties may kick in soon to cool the market" which is why now is the best time to invest in a new house.

Furthermore, Millennials are all around the family-starting age which means that it's a perfect time to house-hunting. Liv MC Condo is especially suited for young families with a taste for the finer things in life.