How Stacked Homes Empowers Real Estate InvestorsThrough Timely Market Insights

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As the world's second most expensive property market, many real estate investors, enthusiasts, and homeowners alike have a particular interest in Singapore. Despite having an expensive real estate market and being consistently ranked as one of the most expensive places to live, Singapore has one of the highest homeownership rates in the world, unlike Hong Kong, which has the most expensive real estate market in the world. While their Hong Kong counterparts cram in tiny rooms and cage houses, Singaporean homeowners can get a 99-year "lease" for every apartment they purchase due to a program initiated by Singapore's Housing and Development Board (HDB), which supervises the apartment buildings constructed by the government.

Despite its small size, condos and residential buildings are still being built in Singapore. Surprisingly enough, there are still empty apartment rooms and housing units in the city-state waiting to get an owner. With this, a real estate company named Stacked Homes was built to provide the most valuable insights on Singapore's real estate market to the people who would need them, from foreigners who want to start investing in real estate or expand their real estate investment portfolio, to Singaporeans who are looking to buy an apartment or housing unit that they would gladly call their home.

"No ads. Just reviews, editorials, and perspectives."

Unlike your typical real estate company, Stacked Homes (or simply known as Stacked) is not there to bombard you with thousands of advertisements showing you dozens of rooms and apartments for rent or bungalows and townhouses that you could buy and own. Instead, Stacked described themselves in their Facebook page as an online editorial that seeks to help Singaporeans make better decisions in purchasing or renting a property in Singapore by doing research regularly on the trends and happenings in Singapore's property market and publishing their findings on their Facebook and Instagram pages as well as on their website.

Stacked has released many editorials showing perspectives on what's happening with Singapore's real estate market. One example of this is a recent review posted on their Instagram on the highlights and trends in Singapore in 2020. Editorials such as these are useful for investors who have a stake in Singapore's real estate market or for anyone from the public who is interested in knowing more about what's happening in Singapore's property market. Stacked also takes pride in being independent and writing their editorials in-house, which means that they do not receive sponsorship from investors and real estate builders. Therefore their editorials are not biased in favor of any real estate building company.

Besides editorials, Stacked also features reviews of different properties in Singapore, ranging from luxurious condominium buildings to large family homes inspired by nature. These reviews help homeowners look for the best type of condo or house that they could purchase. Stacked also shares different insights on buying and selling property in Singapore that help homeowners make the best out of their stuff.

Bottom Line

Stacked Homes is a real estate company with a vision to provide reliable, comprehensive, and objective content that helps different people, from investors to prospective homeowners, make better and more informed decisions on the world's second most expensive real estate market. If you wish to stay current about Singapore's real estate market, you can go to their official website or reach out to them through their Facebook and Instagram pages.