Kate Moss' Sister and OnlyFans Model Lottie: 'Everyone has sex, so why should it be shameful?'

Supermodel Kate Moss' sister Lottie Moss raised eyebrows when she opened an account on OnlyFans. She was thrown out by her modelling agency for associating with the X-rated website, but it turned out to be the right decision as she received an offer to come back from the same agency.

Lottie Moss
Lottie Moss. Lottie Moss Instagram

Talking about creating OnlyFans account, Lottie Moss, in an interview with The Sun, spoke about the stigma associated with sex and states it should be a good conversational topic.

Everyone Brushes their Teeth and Everyone has Sex
She said "Everyone has sex, so why should it be shameful? "It's something everyone does in the morning. When they wake up, everyone brushes their teeth and everyone has sex. Not at the same time . . .well, maybe. It depends on the position! I'm very sex-positive."

The model claims that she was fired by her agency after she did racy photoshoots in lingerie when she was in Los Angeles. She added, "It's funny, because I got fired from my agency for starting on OnlyFans and then they invited me back. I thought, 'Yeah if you grovel I will come back. Why not?'

She predicts that OnlyFans models will be on the cover pages of Vogue and people utilize the opportunity instead of regretting it.

Boyfriend Supports her Career Path
The OnlyFans model states that her boyfriends have been supportive of her decision over working on the x-Rated site.

The 23-year-old model is currently dating Tristan Evans, drummer with rock band The Vamps, said, "The people I date are very accepting of my choices, and if not, the door is that way." He supports her career path.

She was earlier linked up with Roman Kemp and Made in Chelsea's Sam Prince.

Lottie started off her journey at the age of 16.

Coming back to OnlyFans, it has given a new lease of life to a lot of men and women who were struggle to make ends meet since the world is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.