How to install Android 8.0 Oreo beta on Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus

Check out all eligible Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus phones to get Android 8.0 Oreo beta.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo beta program
A Samsung Galaxy S8 phone taken on April 26, 2017 (Ahmad Khodad/Wikimedia Commons)

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners could be bound for an early Christmas gift from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd as the Android 8.0 Oreo beta program for the devices have just started. This means flagship device owners of the company might be getting the final Android 8.0 Oreo version by Christmas time.

As for now, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners in the US, the UK and South Korea can enjoy the beta testing for Oreo as the final Android software upgrade is still a long way to go. If you want to try your hands on it, you have to register your device on Samsung's Galaxy Beta Program. Instructions are given at the end of this article.

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In the US, eligible devices are those under mobile carriers Sprint and T-Mobile as well as unlocked versions. In the UK, all unlocked devices are free to join the program. In South Korea, qualified phones are those under carriers SKT, KT and LG U+.

The second phase of the beta Oreo release is slated to hit Germany, France, Poland, Spain, India and China. As for the exact date, Samsung did not confirm anything.

If you think your device can qualify, you can register for the beta program through Samsung Members or Samsung+ app, depending on your location. Make sure you have an active Samsung account.

Launch the Samsung Members or Samsung+ app and select Register Galaxy Beta Program. Sign in your Samsung account, or create one if you don't have it yet. Go to Settings > Software update > Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo beta.

Samsung might be closing down the registration soon enough the number of testers reaches the cap.

This article was first published on November 3, 2017
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