How Samsung plans to revamp old Galaxy devices into something useful?

Samsung takes a bold move to encourage Galaxy device owners to repurpose their old handsets instead of just hiding them or throwing them away.

samsung galaxy upcycling
(Galaxy Upcycling)

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd believes that there is a better use of old Galaxy devices than ending up in the trash bin. With millions of smartphone and tablet units manufactured each year, Samsung makes a meaningful move to upcycle--not recycle--unused or broken Galaxy handsets.

Galaxy Upcycling (GU) is the new program launched by the South Korean tech giant recently in line with its vision to help fight electronic wastes. The initiative is in collaboration with iFixit, a California-based private company selling consumer gadget repair parts.

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Samsung and iFixit believe old devices should not stay idle or end up in the trash mountain after losing their full capacity. At the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco, California in October, the companies introduced the program in a bid to open an avenue for Galaxy device owners to repurpose their phones or tablets either into an IoT hub, CCTV system, game console or desktop PC.

"GU provides an environmentally responsible way for old Galaxy mobile devices to breathe new life, providing limitless possibilities and extended the value for devices that might otherwise be forgotten in desk drawers or discarded," states the GU campaign on its website.

Below is an introduction of the adverse effects of mobile devices in the garbage and how device owners can help beat that through Galaxy Upcycling:

Sample upcycled devices presented at the conference were some Galaxy S5 units turned into Bitcoin mining clusters. A Galaxy tablet, on the other hand, was made into an arcade cabinet.

The GU website will be providing code downloads through crowdsourcing as well as sensors and accessories for IoT-related projects will be sold.

Below is the Samsung Galaxy Upcycling Booth at the SDC 2017:

This article was first published on November 3, 2017
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