How Floyd Mayweather Spoke at One of the Largest Digital Conventions on November 7th

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Floyd Mayweather

November 7th marked the first-ever digital convention on Academy Island designed and run by IM Mastery Academy. A very special guest was in attendance, who took to the stage to share his personal experience with the digital learning platform. Floyd Mayweather, the legendary athlete, known for his countless victories in the boxing arena, had a few words to say about IM Academy and its CEO, Chris Terry. "I'm so thankful to IM Academy! Thank you, Chris Terry, for changing my life! You've given me the chance to acquire this new digital skill set, and I'm so grateful," Mayweather shared with the 200,000+ people who tuned in to watch the digital convention.

Praise about IM Academy having transformed someone's life is not at all uncommon in the IM Mastery Academy community. The company's mission has always been to provide the highest-quality education in finance so that anybody willing to learn and grow can have the opportunity to do so. This platform offers various courses taught by the top experts in their fields, helping people to learn about digital currencies, forex, e-commerce, and all of the upcoming trends that are changing the financial climate. "We've always operated under the motivation of helping people reach helping people achieve success and improve their lives and improve their lives. By being a digital platform, we are giving access to anybody regardless of where they live or the kind of education they have previously obtained," shares Chris Terry.

IM Mastery Academy has always been on the cutting edge of things. In 2019, they invested a whopping $3 million in new technology that has made sessions even smoother and easier to tune in to. On any given day, more than 200,000 people log in to classes taught by 200 experts. Going forward, IM Mastery Academy still has big plans for the future. The company is expanding and launching eCommerce Academy. The number of students between the two is projected to hit one million by the end of 2021.

"When we launched seven years ago, we had one goal in mind: help transform people's lives for the better. We set out to simplify things. Finance can be daunting. There are many complex skill sets in the field, and the thing is, not everyone has the time or resources to enroll in a four-year university to acquire those. So we wanted to provide an effective learning method that would help people learn strategies so they can go out there and apply, seeing real change," explains Terry.

The company has become very well-known on a worldwide scale. Mayweather is only one of the thousands of happy students. He credits IM Mastery Academy as the platform that helped him, which perfectly sums up what the Academy is all about.

The future is bright for IM Academy. The platform is poised to become the largest of its kind in the digital learning space, helping even more people achieve success through high-level strategies and applicable knowledge.

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This article was first published on November 13, 2020