How to create and successfully develop your blog: 5 tips from an expert

Polina Nioly

Blogging is one of the most popular areas of development in the modern world. However little know the secret of how to successfully create and run a blog on social media, that is why we asked Polina Nioly, a successful blogger and influencer, to kindly share with us her vision on the topic. As of today, more than one million people have subscribed to her Instagram. In addition, Polina runs several businesses at once: Nioly Media Group Agency and a lingerie brand for women, for which she creates communication and brand strategy.

When I first started keeping a page in social networks, I did it for myself: I was posting beautiful photos and my favorite quotes. After I went traveling for the first time first on an exchange trip to the US and then to Paris I got the idea of creating something of my own and thought I could tell people about my travels and life stories. 6 years later, I have a huge loyal audience on Instagram. During this time, I've learnt a few rules on how to run a successful business, which I'm ready to share with you:

  1. Know what you are creating a blog for. Before you start blogging, it's important to decide what your goals are. Answer sincerely the following question "What do I want to communicate with people about and what message do I want to convey with my blog?". Unless this is done, your blog will turn into a stream of unrelated topics and will simply not be interesting to the audience.
  2. Be open. Lying to your audience is a bad step to begin with. People always feel l when others lie, so putting on a mask of someone you are not is just pointless. I will say a seemingly trivial thing, but for many people it is still not clear: be as open as possible, and then people will reach out to you.
  3. Never stop communicating and collecting feedback. Your audience is your community. To gather the most loyal people around you, who will support all your endeavors and understand you, you need to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis. Collecting feedback is one of the most important and valuable things in any business, including blogging.
  4. Do not give up after several failures. Of course, you won't be able to "unwind" enough in a week or a month, but giving up after the first failures is the best way to lose. Only through daily work and communication with subscribers, even if they are only a few hundred, it is possible to become successful to develop your page and attract advertisers.
  5. The last but not least is to study the way algorithms are designed on social media you want to move in. Unfortunately, just being motivated and open-minded is not enough. Without understanding the base on which the social network works, you are unlikely to get to the top and gain an audience it simply will silence you.

Also, I want to mention that blogging can be considered as "work" as well. You shouldn't think that the only thing you will have to deal with is processing photos and filling the feed. If you are ready to work hard, work on yourself, and show your life as it is boldly try to run your page. If you take it on with a keen eye, success won't be long in coming!