How caring was The Undertaker towards Kane's career? The Big Red Machine cites an incident to showcase it

Kane (original name: Glenn Thomas Jacobs) has opened up on an incident from the past, during his association with the WWE, to showcase how helpful was The Undertaker (Mark William Calaway) in the sports entertainment.

Steve Austin with Kane
Kane is the third guest on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions. WWE

Big Red Machine and The Deadman were siblings in the WWE storyline and it looks like they shared similar relationship in the real life. Kane's confession of an incident from the past gives an impression of it.

In Steve Austin's Broke Skull Sessions, Kane has revealed that he was not happy with a booking and had spoken about it with The Undertaker. Although the Deadman had nothing to do with the storyline, he voluntarily spoke with Vince McMahon over the issue.

"This was just my own thing, I just needed some guidance and I go and talk to Vince about it and he's like, 'Yeah I talked to The Undertaker about this earlier and he mentioned this to me. I think he worries about you more than he does himself," Ringside News quotes Kane as saying in the chat show.

He added, "That's just how he's been my entire career. Still to this day if I need something I hope he'll feel the same way. I'll call him."

The Undertaker's backing helped Kane, who was initially part of a dentist (named: Isaac Yankem) gimmick and clashed with Bret Hart for a short while, to shape up his career in WWE and their feud remains one of the successful stories in WWE history.

Kane. PR Handout

Kane, who is now a mayor in Tennessee, was the third guest on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions after The Undertaker and Goldberg which was aired last night.