Houston Pastor Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old Family Member, Allegedly Fathered Child with Her

Robert L. Carter
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A Houston-area pastor is facing serious charges after being accused of raping a child and impregnating her, court documents stated.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by Click2Houston, the rape started when the victim was 7 years old and lasted into her late teen years, happening more than 600 times. With Robert L. Carter now charged with a felony, the alleged victim's father is speaking out.

Carter Made Victim Perform Sex Act on Him on Nightly Basis, Give Her Candy as Bribe

"She had been around this monster since she was about six years old," he said. The father asked not to be identified to protect his daughter's identity. But that isn't stopping him from speaking out about 39-year-old Carter who he said was a family member to his daughter.

"I don't understand how you can carry yourself, walk around preaching the word, and live a lie," the father said. According to Carter's arrest warrant filed last month, the abuse began back in 2008. It states he would go into the then-young child's room and make her perform a sex act on him on a nightly basis while everyone else was asleep.

Carter, whose profile on the Black Preachers Network website has him listed as a bishop and senior pastor, is accused of dry-humping the child and making her perform oral sex on him. Carter is also accused of bribing the child with candy for these sexual acts. The child refused, records show.

Victim was Forced to Give Birth to Baby Secretly, Inside a Closet

The warrant states the abuse got worse over the years, and that it would happen in multiple locations, including their home when everyone was asleep, Carter's grandmother's home, and behind an H-E-B in the parking lot before dropping the victim off at school. The document also says Carter would bring the victim to the Greater Bible Way Church in Sunnyside where he had an office, and rape her.

According to the documents, Carter was married to the girl's mother at the time. "She's had an episode where she ended up in the hospital for psychiatric reasons," the father added.

When she was 16, the warrant states she secretly had Carter's baby.

"What if she would've died that night? She had that baby in the closet, by herself. He came and got the baby and took the baby to a fire station and dropped the baby off," the father said.

While the warrant has been filed, Carter has not been taken into custody yet. As for the baby, the alleged victim's father said his daughter is working to get her child back.

Carter is held on a $100,000 bond in the Harris County Jail.