Houston Man Accused of Killing Relative After Cops Find Out They Were Lovers

An 81-year-old man Houston man has been accused of killing his 65-year-old relative after investigators found they were lovers who often engaged in sadistic sex play.

An 81-year-old man is accused of killing a 65-year-old relative who died in December from severe head injuries he suffered the month before. Alan Bischof, 81, has been charged with aggravated assault of a family member, 65-year-old Craig LaMell, a second-degree felony charge, according to court documents.

Bischof and LaMell Were Lovers

Before LaMell's death, he told police that he was walking on a bike trail near his home in the 200 block of Delmar Street in Houston when he was attacked and beaten up by three men, as reported by Houston Police Department. However, with no leads and no way to identify the suspects, the case went cold.

Four months later, in April, investigators had a major breakthrough in the investigation. After Bischof was laid off from his job at a major oil company, officials found personal emails on his office computer revealing that he and LaMell were lovers, as reported by Click2Houston. The emails revealed that Bischof and LaMell were engaging in sadistic love play when the latter was injured.

A Sexual Fantasy and a Cover-Up

Georgia man arrested and charged with necrophilia for having sex with dead woman. Pixabay

In one of the documents recovered from Bischof's computer, he wrote that he and LaMell were in a sexual relationship and they often engaged in sadomasochistic behavior, and on the day of the LaMell's assault, Nov. 7, 2019, he had requested Bischof to assault him.

According to court documents, it was Bischof who had assaulted LaMell by punching him with his fists until a large cut opened up over his eye which started bleeding profusely. LaMell sustained head trauma in the assault and was transported to a local hospital, where he continued to receive treatment for his injuries for nearly a month before he died on Dec. 2, 2019.

In the days leading up to LaMell's death, Bischof wrote that he and LaMell had agreed to concoct the "mugging" story as a cover for their "mutual attack plan." As agreed upon, LaMell told the police that he was assaulted by three unidentified assailants on the day of his attack. Bischof has only been charged and not arrested.

This article was first published on May 19, 2020