Houston High School Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Relationship with Student, Giving Student Perfect Scores on Classwork

Memorial High School
Memorial High School in west Houston. Spring Branch ISD

A teacher at the Memorial High School in Houston has been charged with having an improper relationship with a student, show court records.

According to Spring Branch ISD officials, the teacher, identified as Stephen Griffin, was placed on administrative leave last week when they learned about the allegations, as reported by Fox 6.

Griffin Allegedly Exchanged Emails and Texts with Victim, He Told Her He was Going Through a Divorce

According to court records, the 18-year-old student said she began a relationship with Griffin, her science teacher, in September of 2022 and they exchanged emails and texts. He told her he was going through a divorce and living in a hotel in Houston.

Court records stated the investigation began back on November 30 when the school principal at Memorial High School spoke with a school resource officer who stated she received a call from the victim and they wanted to meet somewhere other than at the high school.

After meeting with the parent, the victim's step-father, and the victim, it was learned that the relationship between the victim and Griffin began last school year 2022-2023. Court records stated the victim provided screenshots of text messages between her and Griffin.

Griffin, Victim Allegedly Had Multiple Sexual Encounters in Class, Hotel and Her Car

The victim stated the relationship started around September 23, 2022, when she was 18-years-old and a student in Griffin's science class. It started when the victim e-mailed Griffin asking if she could eat lunch in his classroom during his off period.

Following that interaction, the victim stated she received an e-mail from Griffin stating they had "similar background," and that if the victim ever needed help or anyone to talk to that she could contact him. He also included his cell phone number in the e-mail.

Later, the victim stated the relationship turned into a physical one during the Thanksgiving break in 2022. According to court documents, the victim drove over to Griffin's hotel room, and while at the hotel room, the victim said she and Griffin had sex. The victim stated that Griffin's hotel room turned into a regular meeting place for them throughout the relationship.

The victim also stated that she and Griffin had mutual oral sex in his classroom during his off period while on campus at Memorial High School, but couldn't provide the date. In another instance, she stated that she had sex with Griffin one time in the back of her car.

Later on, the victim and Griffin started messaging through a phone app called 'Signal' and 'Snapchat,' and they would use those methods more than text messaging.

Griffin Allegedly Gave the Victim Perfect Grades on Classwork, Gifts

Court documents stated that the victim said Griffin moved out of the hotel and into an apartment. The victim said that's when the relationship turned more sexual and that Griffin was 'very touchy' when she would visit and would get upset when she was not in the mood to engage in sexual acts.

The victim stated that Griffin then started giving her test answers on class assignments and later just started giving her 100 grades on her work in class. Griffin also gave the victim his gray staff fleece jacket and a candle that smelled like his cologne "Hero" by Burberry as gifts.

Court documents stated the victim said the relationship lasted until mid-summer of 2023 when Griffin texted her stating not to contact him anymore because he and his wife were trying to reconcile.

'I'm About to Kill Myself...Call Me'

During a search of the victim's phone, a message to the victim from Griffin stated, "We need to talk. I miss you. Can we talk? I'm suicidal right now. Call me, OK babe. This is how it's going to be? Don't do this, call me. Can we talk in person? Want money? I'm about to kill myself. Please call me."

Griffin has already posted a $5,000 bond and he's next scheduled to appear in court on February 28, 2024.