Houston boy allegedly shoots 5-year-old sister and flees home with gun in hand

  • On seeing mother, he ran away in panic holding gun

  • The girl is taken to hospital and is stable now

  • Grandfather appeals the boy to return home

The police are searching for a 14-year-old boy in Houston for shooting his 5-year-old sister early on Monday. The boy ran away from home after the incident.

The police said that the incident took place in the 4600 block of W 34th Street near Mangum in northwest Houston around 12.45 AM. The mother found the young girl shot in the apartment and the boy fled the scene with the gun as soon as the mother came to check the sound of the gun. The mother said that she woke up to the sound of the shots being fired. It is unsure whether the boy shot the girl or not. Details about the scene were not completely clear.

4600 West 34th St
4600 West 34th St, Houston Google Maps

The grandfather requested the boy to come back

The grandfather said that he is worried about his grandson and hopes that he comes home and clears the situation. He issues the plea via news agencies asking his grandson to come back and saying that they will support him no matter what. The grandfather said that he had asked the boy to get rid of the gun and was unsure where he got the gun from. The 14-year-old had told his grandfather that he had gotten rid of it.

His sister is stable and was shot in the abdomen. She was transported to the hospital while she was in a critical condition and remains in the hospital with her mother.

Gun Control and access

The right to bear arms has caused a lot of distress in the past few years. It has led to several shootings and other incidents across the country. In Virginia, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam is pushing for gun control. Seven out of eight measures are being pushed by the governor and on Monday, February 24, they were just one step away from making it a law.

Several gun control advocacy groups are also pushing for new measures. There is a certain amount of free access to gun control in the country that has posed as a threat during several incidents.