Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 2 Recap; Episode 3 Spoilers

The second episode of Hospital Playlist season 2 focussed on some sweet confessions, a few revelations, and some challenges for the senior surgeons of Yulje Medical Center.

Hospital Playlist season 2 returned with a new episode on tvN Thursday, June 24, and it focussed on the various challenges faced by the senior surgeons at Yulje Medical Center. Episode 2 featured three struggling mothers, a VIP patient, and an arrogant father. Some of these characters may return in episode 3 that will air on July 1.

The second episode featured a few big revelations and some sweet confessions by the senior surgeons of Yulje Medical Center. This chapter also focussed on some of the biggest challenges faced by senior surgeons. The episode began by featuring a video chat between Lee Ik Sun and Kim Jun Wan. It then featured a casual conversation between Jang Gyeo Ul, Ahn Jeong Won, and Jun Wan at the hospital canteen.

This week, the viewers did not see much of the winter garden couple except for a scene of Jeong Won informing his friends that he is dating Gyeo Ul. While Song Hwa, Ik Jun, and Jun Wan were surprised by the news, Seok Hyeong said he knew about it for a week. The gynecologist told his friends that he heard about it from his mother.

The doctor also informed his close friend Jun that he has no plans to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife, Yoon Sin Hye. It is because he does not feel comfortable around her. So, the followers of this medical drama can hope to see Seok Hyeon and resident Chu Min Ha as a couple in the upcoming episodes.

Hospital Playlist season 2
A Poster of Hospital Playlist season 2. Twitter/tvN

Yang Seok Hyeong and Chu Min Ha Deal with Tragic Situation

The senior gynecologist and the resident continue to follow up with the patient Kim Su Jeong. She came to the hospital with her husband last week after experiencing some complications in the six months of her pregnancy. When the viewers saw her this week, she was waiting to meet her baby in the upcoming days. During his visit, the doctor informs her that the baby in her womb is too small, and it is risky to take it out now. So, he asks her to wait until the 24th week of her pregnancy for a c-section delivery. The doctor also told his patients that things are likely to get complicated and asks them to be prepared for the worst. Still, she keeps her hopes high.

However, she suddenly starts experiencing pain and cramps. The resident immediately prepares her for emergency surgery. Though Seok Hyeong tries his best to save the baby, it dies soon after birth. The doctor feels guilty for giving her hopes and tries to comfort her with the help of Min Ha.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Actor Kim Dae Myung as Dr. Yang Seok Hyeong in Hospital Playlist season 2. Twitter/tvN

Kim Jun Wan and Ahn Jeong Won Comfort Struggling Mother

In the meantime, the pediatrician helps a mother understand that she is doing everything for her son, and it is natural to be disappointed at times. He meets her during an outpatient visit and sees her struggling to calm the kid. When the child refuses to cooperate with the doctor, she gets stressed out and starts scolding the child. After seeing the child cry out loudly, the doctor asks the mother to comfort the child first and bring him back later.

Later, Jeong Won meets the mother in the lobby and approaches her to enquire about the child. When she tells him that she is angry with the kid, he helps her feel better. In the scene, the viewers get to see the bonding between the doctors and patients of Yulje Medical Center.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Cast member Yoo Yeon Seok as Senior Surgeon Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist season 2. Twitter/tvN

Another scene that featured the bonding between the doctors of Yulje Medical Center and their patients is when senior cardiologist Jun Wan interacted with his patient's guardian. She is a struggling mother who is waiting for the speedy recovery of her four-year-old child. The doctor meets her in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and informs her that the kid needs to undergo surgery soon. It breaks her heart, and she starts crying. Soon, another mother who is dealing with the same situation reaches out to comfort her.

Chae Song Hwa Treats a VIP Patient and Lee Ik Jun Deals with an Arrogant Father

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Actors Cho Jung Seok and Jeon Mi Do as Dr. Lee Ik Joon and Dr. Chae Song Hwa in Hospital Playlist season 2. Twitter/tvN

The neurosurgeon takes up a challenging task this week, and she decides to treats a VIP patent, a world-famous violinist. She gets ready for a risky surgeon even after knowing that the chances of success are low. Shortly before the surgery, the patient's mother gets impressed by the doctor seeing her confidence and charm. Immediately after the surgery, she approaches the doctor with a marriage proposal. The followers of this medical drama may know more about it in the upcoming episode.

Meanwhile, an arrogant and ignorant father surprises general surgeon Jun. Through his conversation with the patient, the viewers know that this patient had a liver transplant surgery three years back. The patient's elder daughter donated the organ to him at that time. A year ago, he consulted the doctor again with some complications, and this time his younger daughter helped him with the organ. He is back again because of his drinking habits, and Jun refuses to treat him this time. This patient will probably consult him again in the third episode.

Watch the promo of Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 3 below:

Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 3 is set to air on tvN Thursday, July 1, at 9 pm KST. Stay tuned for some spoilers, stills, and promo of this chapter.