Hospital Playlist Episode 11 Recap; Episode 12 (Finale) Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Hospital Playlist episode 11 was one of the most painful chapters of the drama and the viewers are curious to know if episode 12 will be even more painful.

Hospital Playlist is coming to an end next week with episode 12, which is scheduled to air on tvN Thursday, May 28, at 9 p.m. KST. The finale will probably feature an end to the long time friendship between Lee Ik Joon, Ahn Jeong Won, Kim Jun Wan, Yang Seok Hyeong, and Chae Sang Hwa for a short period.

The senior surgeons of Yulje Medical Center are getting ready to take a break from their own busy lives due to several personal reasons. While Ik Joon will be going abroad for a seminar, Song Hwa could be moving to a countryside hospital because of some health issues and Jeong Won might be preparing himself for becoming a priest.

For Jun Wan, it will be time to have a serious analysis of his romantic relationship with Lee Ik Soon as she is getting ready to go abroad for three years. Meanwhile, Seok Hyeong will have a lot in his to-do-list because of his parents, Yang Tae Yang and Jo Young Hye.

A quick recap of Hospital Playlist episode 11

The latest episode of this medical drama featured an unexpected death, several relationship problems, a shocking revelation, and some happy moments. The chapter began with a conversation between Song Hwa and Nurse Song Su Bin about So Mi's growing tumor. After explaining the nurse about her daughter's illness, Song Hwa went to meet Seok Hyeong. He was waiting outside the intensive care unit (ICU) to meet his father.

Though his friends asked him to go home and get some rest, Seok Hyeong decided to stay near his father. Shortly, Kim Dae Myung's character was informed about his father's demise and he made necessary arrangements for the funeral. During the condolence meeting, Jeong Won and his friends discussed Seok Hyeong's plans.

Hospital Playlist
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A shocking truth

While Seok Hyeong was on leave, So Mi got her tumor removed, Jun Wan treated a seven-month-old baby, Jeong Won helped Jang Gyeo Wool to lead a surgery, Ik Joon and Song Hwa enjoyed a dinner party with residents, and Ik Soon focused on her romantic relationship with Jun Wan.

During the dinner party, Ik Joon confessed to the residents that Song Hwa was more than a friend for him at times. Meanwhile, Ik Soon shared her worries about a long-distance relationship with Jun Wan and he assured her that he will never break-up with her.

The five friends met again in the hospital for a lunch party and Song Hwa informed her friends that she will be moving to a countryside hospital for a year due to some health issues. Ik Joon and the team were shocked to hear that. Jun Wan then confronted Song Hwa for not discussing it with them before making the final decision.

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The last resort

The penultimate episode of Hospital Playlist also featured a conversation between Gyeo Wool and Jeong Won's mother Jeong Ro Sa. Before meeting the general surgeon, Jeong Won's mother had seen her son casually chatting with the young doctor. So, she thought the lady doctor could help her in convincing Jeong Won to change his decision about becoming a priest.

With a lot of hope, Ro Sa met Gyeo Wool and requested her to ask Jeong Won to continue working in the hospital as a chief pediatrician. Tears were rolling out of her eyes when Ro Sa was making this special request to the general surgeon. It remains to be seen if Gyeo Wool will succeed in this mission.

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What to expect in Hospital Playlist episode 12 and how to watch the finale live online?

The last episode of this medical drama will probably continue the pace. The drama may conclude the story with an open ending, leaving everything to the imagination of the viewers. The production team of this mini-series has already revealed that they will wrap-up the show in such a way that they can come back with a new season. So, the series' followers cannot expect a happy ending for all in the finale of this television drama.

To know more about the upcoming episode, the series' followers will have to tune into tvN on Thursday, May 28, at 9 p.m. KST. Until then, catch up with the first 11 episodes of the medical drama online on the official website of tvN.

This article was first published on May 22, 2020