Horrifying Video Shows Protester Dangerously Clinging to Moving LAPD Car During Breonna Taylor Rally

As the vehicles drives off in high speed, the protester, dressed in all black, can be seen trying to balance himself on the hood.

Demonstrators marking the first anniversary of the death of Breonna Taylor clashed with police in Hollywood on Sunday, with one video showing a police cruiser driving off with someone clinging on its hood. The video shows at least one protester hanging from the bonnet of the LAPD van, while another is thrown off to the street while he attempts to block the vehicle form moving. The wild video has since gone viral.

Three officers got injured and 11 got arrested on Sunday, with angry protesters calling for justice for Taylor. Taylor was fatally shot by police in her Louisville, Kentucky home and her death has triggered angry protests nationwide that called for police reforms across departments in the United States.

Wild Scenes

One of the protesters clinging on the hood of the LAPD car Twitter

The violent video shows a group of protesters dressed all in black trying to block a line of at least six LAPD squad cars trying to get through. Some of the protesters are also seen holding umbrellas as smoke filled the air around them after police tried to disperse the mob.

At one point one protester is seen running and trying to block the lead car's way. Even before the cops could react, another protester is seen coming and banging hard on the hood. Both the men are then seen climbing onto the hood, the video shows.

The car then starts moving with its siren blaring but the protesters don't care. While cops in the background try to manage and 25 odd protesters, the man dressed in all black clings on to the hood as the cop car drove off. The other protester, who was also clinging on to the side of the vehicle, somehow manages to jump off as onlookers scream and chase the vehicle.

Shocking Moment

As the vehicles drives off in high speed, the protester can be seen trying to balance himself on the hood. "Holy s**t!" one can be heard shouting, along with repeated cries of, "Medic! Medic! Medic! Medic!" as the other person falls off the lead vehicle.

Lucky, the protesters weren't seriously injured but narrowly escaped risk of getting killed. The Los Angeles Police Department's Operations Center told KABC it had few details about the incident.

The incident took place during a night of tense stand-offs with police in riot gear, the station said. Images also showed graffiti scrawled around the area, including "die pigs" and "f**k 12," a common anti-police message used during protests.

Police said protesters "broke multiple windows" and vandalized several downtown businesses during the violent protests.

Hundreds of activists took to the streets in Los Angeles for a march on Saturday night, as part of a nationwide day of action in memory of Taylor. The demonstrations came one year to the date when Taylor, 26, an emergency medical technician in Louisville, was gunned down by police during a botched narcotics raid after officers forced their way into her apartment in the early morning hours of March 13, 2020.