Horrifying Photos Shared by Ex-Congresswoman Show Bloodied Border Patrol Agent after Alleged Migrant Attack

In August, the US Border Patrol made 181,509 arrests at the border, a 37 percent increase from July.

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Shocking images have surfaced depicting the violence that Border Patrol agents are facing at the US-Mexico border. Meanwhile, video footage captured an incident over the weekend where more than 5,000 asylum seekers were seen illegally boarding a freight train in an attempt to gain entry into the United States.

A former Republican congresswoman from Texas recently shared a disturbing photograph of a bloodied Border Patrol agent. The post alleges that the agent was attacked by a migrant along the US-Mexico border. The photograph and related claims draw attention to the risks and challenges faced by border enforcement personnel and highlight the ongoing complexities of border security and immigration issues in the region.

Bloodies at the Border

Border patrol agent
Mayra Flores shared the photo of this Border Patrol agent who was allegedly attacked by a migrant X

Mayra Flores, 37 the wife of a Border Patrol agent, shared a graphic image of a fed on her social media accounts on Sunday and detailed what she claims caused the injuries.

"This is the type of violence that is being exerted on Border Patrol Agents by those who don't want to be apprehended," she wrote, adding that agents encountered the alleged attacker near McAllen, Texas.

"The suspect was labeled a rat by the cartels and fought against the agent until backup arrived," Flores wrote. "Please pray for our men and women in uniform."

Border patrol agent
Another photo showed the injuries suffered by the Border Patrol agent during the attack X

The former congresswoman and current candidate, who holds the distinction of being the first Mexican-born woman to serve in the House, also uploaded a photo of the injured migrant. The migrant had a distinct marking on their forehead, allegedly etched by a Mexican drug cartel.

In July, Flores launched her campaign for a political comeback after losing her position to Democratic Representative Vicente Gonzalez.

Her campaign centers on empowering agents, enhancing border security, and implementing stronger measures to safeguard children from trafficking.

The migrant who allegedly attacked the Border Patrol agent X

"Our values align with the Republican Party. Our values align. I am pro-God, pro-life, pro-family. The Democrat Party stands against everything we stand for," she said at her campaign launch, according to Politico.

Migrant Crisis Out of Control

Meanwhile, a video released by The Associated Press showed around 5,000 migrants, primarily from Venezuela, jumping to action as a train arrived on the periphery of the central Mexican city of Irapuato.

Mayra Flores
Mayra Flores Twitter

"Come up! Come up!" yelled some migrants from the top of the train, urging those below who aimed to hitch a ride toward Mexico's border with the US.

The largest railroad in the nation, Ferromex, reported that it had stopped 60 freight trains due to safety concerns after migrants were hitchhiking, which resulted in "half a dozen regrettable cases of injuries or deaths" over the course of a few days.

When the train arrived on Saturday, many of the cars had "Ferromex" painted on them.

Police were present in the vicinity where the migrants had gathered, but during the half-hour stop of the train, there was no effort to prevent the migrants from boarding.

These freight trains, commonly referred to as "The Beast," have been a longstanding mode of transportation for migrants, even in the face of violence from drug cartels and the inherent dangers of riding on them.

Mayra Flores
Mayra Flores X

Mayela Villegas, a Venezuelan migrant, along with her partner and their six children, had spent three days sleeping on the ground before the train finally arrived.

"The more days we are here, the less food we have. Thankfully people here have helped us, have given us bread," Villegas said. "We're sleeping here because we don't have anything to pay for a room or hotel. We don't have the funds."

In August, the US Border Patrol made 181,509 arrests at the border, a 37 percent increase from July. However, the figures remained relatively consistent with those of August 2022 and were notably lower than the peak of over 220,000 arrests seen in December, according top figures released on Friday.

The Biden administration has urged Mexico and Central American countries to take measures to manage the migrant influx. Additionally, the administration has implemented a new requirement for asylum seekers to register through a designated app called CBP One.

On Thursday, the administration announced that it would provide temporary protected status to approximately half a million additional Venezuelans who are already residing in the United States.