Ariana Viera: Venezuelan Beauty Queen Dies in Horrific Car Crash After Falling Asleep at the Wheel Weeks after Predicting Her Own Funeral

At the time of the accident, the Venezuelan beauty queen was preparing to take part in a beauty competition in New York City.

A beauty queen has died in a horrific car crash after she reportedly fell asleep while driving and collided into the back of another vehicle. Ariana Viera, a 26-year-old from Florida, was set to represent Venezuela at the Miss Latin America of the World 2023 pageant in the Dominican Republic in October.

However, she tragically died of her injuries after her car collided with a truck in Lake Nona, Orlando, on July 13, according to her mother Vivian Ochoa. Her death comes just two months after she recorded a haunting video intended for her funeral. The official cause of the death hasn't been revealed, but Ochoa said that Viera had been suffering fatigue and fell asleep while driving.

Tragic Death

Ariana Viera
Ariana Viera Twitter

At the time of the accident, the Venezuelan beauty queen was preparing to take part in a beauty competition in New York City. According to Ochoa, Viera received assistance from paramedics at the scene and was resuscitated twice, but unfortunately, she died while being transported to the hospital.

"They revived her, she had a heart attack, they revived her again and when they were going to take her to trauma care, she had nothing left," she told local news outlet Telemundo 31 in a translated interview.

"My girl fell asleep, she was tired," she added.

Ariana Viera
Ariana Viera Twitter

The mourning mother praised her daughter's dedication to helping others but suggested that her caring nature might have contributed to her fatigue.

"She helped too many people," Ochoa said. "She would stop everything to help you or listen to you. She was always there for her friends, her brothers, her mother."

Viera had a promising modeling career and was also an entrepreneur, running her own company called Full House Cleaning.

Cryptic and Eerie Video

Local media reported that the victim's father, who lives in Peru, made efforts to arrange a visa in time for his daughter's funeral on July 16. Unfortunately, the visa was reportedly issued one day after the funeral.

Ariana Viera
Ariana Viera Instagram

In a heartbreaking twist, on May 2, Viera shared a video on her Instagram account with the caption: "Filming myself for my future funeral because it's always me in the videos, no one else does it."

The video was part of a trend where people create montages of themselves looking their best while playfully pretending that someone is secretly filming them. This trend aims to humorously parody movie or documentary scenes that often include similar B-roll footage.

Several people rushed to the comments section to express their thoughts on the heartbreaking coincidence.

"I hadn't seen this. Holy God. Predicting her future. How painful to see this," one follower wrote.

"Incredible how sometimes things are decreed," wrote another.

A third follower wrote: "Whenever I see this type of tragedy when the deceased posted a video about their death in the future, it almost always happens."

"You were so genuine, you always recharged me with the best energy," yet another follower wrote.

On her Instagram account, Ariana's mother shared a heart-wrenching post expressing her profound grief and devastation over her daughter's sudden death. She admitted to being "full of pain and sadness" due to the tragic loss.

Ariana Viera
Ariana Viera Instagram

"I only ask God for strength and strength to carry on with my family and my children, as well as I ask for protection for them," she continued.

Ochoa also described Viera as her "light, her joy, her desire to live", writing: "Honesty I don't know how our lives will go on without you. I just wish I could hug you and kiss you... hear your laugh."