HORRIFYING: One-Week-Old Babies Found Dead and Wrapped in Paper on Patio in Bronx

Police believe that the babies were thrown from a window inside the building and they died after suffering injuries.

Police on Monday discovered the bodies of two infants wrapped in brown paper bags and dumped on the patio of a Bronx building. An investigation has been launched to unravel the mystery behind the death of the two newborns. The infants were first discovered by the superintendent of the multi-story building.

After finding the two newborns in unconscious state, they were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where they were pronounced dead a short while later. The cause of the mysterious deaths is still unclear and authorities investigating the incident are trying to find out who left the two babies there.

Tragic Death

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The bodies were discovered around 1.45 pm in a patio area behind the Claremont high-rise on College Avenue and East 171st Street, the NYPD said. Authorities believe that the two babies were hardly a week old. "It's tragic," a law enforcement source said. "These two boys never had a chance."

Police said that the babies were both boys but they didn't elaborate further as to whether they were twins or related. According to police one of the infants had a blue string tied around his neck and had suffered head injury. The other infant had a puncture wound that investigators believe occurred during birth.

Although the investigation has just been launched, police believe that the babies were thrown from a window inside the building and they died after suffering injuries. However, the medical examiner is yet to determine the official cause of the death. Officers have canvassed the entire building for information and surveillance footage.

Police Clueless

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Police is till clueless about how the babies died. They believe that it is a case of homicide as the deaths look suspicious. Also, police are still trying to trace the parents. As of now, even the neighbors aren't sure about the whereabouts of the babies.

Police were first informed about the twin deaths by one of the residents of the building Osvaldo Volquez, who called 911. The 72-year-old said he spotted one of the infants, "curled up in the fetal position" and what looked like the placenta. The child wasn't moving and Volquez felt there was something suspicious.

Volquez had initially thought there was only one baby as they were not visible from a distance because of the brown paper covering. On reaching the scene, police discovered two babies who were not responding. They also spotted blood spatter near the bodies.

Nothing so far is clear and NYPD Deputy Chief Timothy McCormack has asked for public's help with the investigation. Whoever left the infants could face charges of disposing human remains, and possibly other raps depending on what the medical examiner finds was the cause of death, McCormack said.